Here鈥檚 a familiar scenario: The time of your pre-planned workout is fast-approaching and you鈥檙e not really feeling up to it. It鈥檚 been a long day, and getting dressed to sweat just doesn鈥檛 seem very appealing. But what if your shoes practically tied themselves 鈥 like, in three seconds? A new Kickstarter project called The XPand Lacing System delivers that insanely fast and simple feat, giving you one less excuse to grumble about the desk-to-gym transition.


Xpand Laces can be laced up into any sneaker, from your go-to running shoes to your everyday chucks. Using a sleek anchor system that clips to either the inside or outside of the last lace hole, the 鈥渮ero memory鈥 elastic laces turn any lace-up shoe into a sturdy slip-on. Because of the laces鈥 material, they expand as you slide 鈥榚m on or can be tightened to provide a more snug fit that actually stays 鈥 no lace sagging, and finally no having to worry about undone laces mid-workout. They come in 24 fun colors and look just like regular laces (as in, zero dorky-sporty details).


It鈥檒l cost $8 via Kickstarter to get one pair of these super smart laces, or you can grab three sets for $17 鈥 one for every kind of sneaker you own, or for gifting the gym buffs in your life this holiday season. A small price to pay for forever-ready workout shoes by January 2016.

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