It’s time for some real talk. With your tween-age self. When remembering back on our most embarrassing, Traumarama-worthy moments of ages 8 to 13, we’re pretty sure “buying our first bra” ranks in the top five. Easily. Things have definitely changed since the “Barely There AAA” nude or white options of the JC Penney dressing rooms of our past. And not all of those changes are awesome. When Megan Grassell took her younger sis on a bra shopping trip recently, she was totally weirded out by the padded, pushed-up styles that didn’t even fit (in more ways than one).

Their trip to the mall that day was more fruitful than it sounds. The lack of options was the catalyst for Megan to launch Yellowberry, a clothing company that plans to change the bra industry for young girls by helping them feel comfortable and confident during a time when their bodies are going through sometimes uncomfy changes.

Colorful, unique and made with quality — you know Yellowberry is a brand we’re on board with.

The colors are bright and the bras ($30 to $43) are meant to be layered easily under clothing and worn whether you’re doing cartwheels or playing soccer. Bonus for ‘rents on a budget — the styles run in sizes XS to XL and offer some room to grow.

Um, we want!!

Of cooourse we love cool products, but we’re even more stoked to support a revolution with our Kickstarter pledges. Usually we would be unbelievably bummed to find out that a crowdfunding campaign was all pledged out, but you can shop and pre-order all of Yellowberry’s bras now. Or maybe wait a sec… they promise MORE colors by May 15. More colors? These are our kinda girls. Hey, Yellowberry shoppers, it’s never to early to bookmark (or downloadour apps :) — we accept color lovers of all ages!

Do you wish Yellowberry was around when you were younger? Sames! Continue real talk/girl talk below!