Brace yourselves. We’ve got a computer safety alert coming up, and it doesn’t sound good. It looks like Spotify Free is freaking out for some users and launching malware, which can cause some serious digital damage to your computer. Eeeeek!

There have been a few instances of those ads that pop up between songs on Spotify Free launching malware that is attacking computers. Several users have reported that their browsers have started opening malicious websites when using the desktop application. Spotify said in an online support forum that their team is investigating the issue, but has not yet confirmed the problem. So far, it seems to be happening across Windows and Mac and all sorts of different browsers.

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Just to clarify: If you have Spotify Premium, or are using Spotify Free on your mobile device, you’re in the clear. The malware is only launched by certain desktop ads. But otherwise: Be careful out there, and maybe stop using Spotify Free until this whole thing is cleared up. But if your computer starts bugging out after an ad, reach out to Spotify Support for help.

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(h/t 9-to-5 Mac; photos via Getty)