We all know Kylie Jenner’s obsession with lipstick is beyond serious: Girl’s lip kits have a cult following! Despite some criticism from beauty bloggers, it’s pretty clear she knows her stuff when it comes to all things lip, and that includes dreaming up new hues for her infamous pout.

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 02: Kylie Jenner attends the Balmain and Olivier Rousteing after the Met Gala Celebration on May 02, 2016 in New York, New York. (Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Balmain)

If you were hoping to get your hands on her latest release, Dead of Knight ($29), which dropped Friday and sold out in just half an hour, dry up those tears because Kylie just shared THE ultimate black lipstick hack, no lip kit required.

We recently showed you how to hack Majesty, a shade of metallic black-blue, using nothing more than black lipstick and eyeshadow, and now, the reality TV star-turned-beauty mogul is showing the world how she herself used to hack matte black lips using something we all have in our makeup bags.

Taking to Instagram, Kylie revealed the old standby she used to use as her black lipstick go-to. “Black Lips Forever,” she captioned this collage. “I used black eyeliner when it wasn’t as easy to find matte black lipstick.” Wait, WHAT? All those pics were straight up eye kohl? That’s genius! And so affordable!

We’d be none the wiser, and as it turns out, even Kylie might be longing for the good old days of lip simplicity. She also posted this throwback photo to her personal account, explaining her reasoning for replicating her latest shade. “I did it for her,” she wrote of her former self. “Back when I only dreamed of having my own lip line. 16-year-old me would be so proud. This new lip kit is so important to me.”

Awwww, how sweet, Kylie! We’ll keep looking for the real deal to be restocked, and in the meantime, looks like we can all now replicate one of Kylie’s biggest looks without spending a single cent. Today is a glorious day, indeed!

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(h/t Bustle, photos via Dimitrios Kambouris and Nicholas Hunt/Getty)