We’re three weeks into our 2015 resolutions. How are yours coming? If you made a resolution to hit the gym four times a week and if you’re like us, this first month is already looking a little weak. Can you blame us? The routine can be daunting for many reasons. In fact, let us list them:

1. Committing to a new gym is hard.

2. The workout routine can get boring — fast.

3. You want the freedom to follow whatever fitness trend pops onto your radar.

Sounding familiar? Well ClassPass is a solution to your gym membership woes. It knocks out every single excuse and just maybe will get your butt to workouts that you’re excited about. Yes, seriously.


Here’s how it works: When you sign up for ClassPass, you get access to unlimited fitness classes in your area for $99 per month. Just one stipulation: You can’t hit up the same class more than three times in a month, which keeps you going to new, exciting classes and frees up spaces so other people (from ClassPass or not) can try out the class too.


Now when we say classes, we’re not talking about varying degrees of hot yoga. There’s also cardio, bootcamp, cycling and TRX classes so you can get out of your exercise comfort zone and really push yourself.


Right now, you can sign up for an invite to ClassPass in dozens of cities, and yes, your pass extends to all of them. Live in San Francisco but on a work trip in New York? No worries, your ClassPass is good on both coasts. Whether you go it alone or with a workout buddy, we love this idea of a roaming gym membership that gets you into those hardcore workouts and boutique classes for a super reasonable price.

Check out the ClassPass website for a full list of cities and to sign up for an invite.

Would you use ClassPass? Let us know in the comments!