Weightlifting is totally badass. Even though you’re probably not a weight-training pro like Olympic gold medalist weightlifter Sarah Robles, don’t be intimidated — we’re here to help you with the basics. We’re all about free workouts, and YouTube’s got some of the best ones out there. Plus, they can help you correct major gym mistakes you might be making, especially when it comes to weightlifting form. So fuel up and get your booty to the gym (or in front of your computer in your living room). You’ll be feeling strong and confident in no time.


1. Kettle Booty: Kettlebells might seem hard to use, but once you learn some key tricks, you’ll basically be a pro. Tone It Up trainer Katrina Hodgson uses both dumbbells and a kettlebell in this backside-centric workout that’s sure to get your heart pumping. Start out with lighter dumbbells if it’s your first time using this equipment or working out in a while. You can always add more weight next time! (via Tone It Up)


2. Medicine Ball Medley: A weighted medicine ball is another piece of gym equipment that can be used in more ways than you could ever imagine. This eight-minute video shows you how you can incorporate it into almost anything, from chest presses and pushups to crunches and lunges. (via XHIT)


3. 20-Minute Total Body Sculpt and Tone: By now you’re probably starting to get the hang of things, which is good, because this workout is no joke. Trainer Autumn Calabrese guides you through a thorough warm up and an extra-tough set of dumbbell moves. You’ll 100 percent be sore the next day (you know you love it). Don’t say we didn’t warn you. (via PopSugar Fitness)


4. HIIT It With Weight: What could be better than a HIIT workout and weight training all rolled into one? If you’re feeling ambitious, give this workout a try. It’s only 10 minutes, so it’ll be over before you know it, and you’ll feel awesome all day long. (via Gaiam)


5. Total Body Workout With Weights: This workout starts with bodyweight exercises (a nice way to warm up those muscles), and then gradually incorporates weights. You’ll learn movements that target your arms, back, rear and legs in this 22-minute video. Once you get the exercises down, you can turn up your tunes and do them on your own like a pro. (GymRa)


6. Sexy Strength Training: Jennifer Johnson’s workout proves that you don’t need a ton of equipment — just a set of dumbbells — to get a great workout. As you get better at each exercise, up the weight so that you’re still challenging your muscles. (via CosmoBody)


7. 30-Minute Full Body Dumbbell Workout: After almost a full week of shorter sweat sessions, you’re ready for a full 30 minutes of weight training. This video provides lots of great form tips that you can use no matter what exercise you’re doing (and you’ll def need them during this vid as your muscles get tired). Start your weekend strong by working on your endurance, then go treat yourself to a mimosa. (via BodyFit by Amy)

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