We’re still exploring all that can be done with drones. We know that they can take amazing video footage, potentially deliver packages and be built out of LEGOs. But one of its untapped capabilities is the selfie. And trust us, once you start taking selfies with drones, that selfie stick will become a thing of the past.

This is the ZANO micro drone, and beyond the selfie, it can capture so much more from great heights. The camera is built right into the sleek drone that fits in the palm of your hand. From your smartphone, you can steer the drone, instruct it to hold a position or have it return to base… which is you and your smartphone.

In this little bitty drone, there’s a gyroscope, mic, speaker and GPS sensor, making it super simple to steer. Right now this project is raising funding on Kickstarter. For a $217 pledge, you can get the Super Early Bird ZANO in black or white, with charging cable. You can donate to ZANO through January 8.

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