It’s a scientifically proven fact (no, it’s not) that Easter candy is the best candy. Halloween gets all the holiday candy glory but somehow doesn’t really have any special, seasonal treats to call its own (candy corn doesn’t count, gross). Valentine’s Day may have conversation hearts and cinnamon hearts, but who actually likes either of those things anyway (don’t @ me). Yes, Easter is where it’s at. You’ve got the perfect balance of chocolate and chewy, sweet and sour, right at your sticky fingertips. Plus, there’s nothing like making adult Easter baskets for your friends, full of the classics (and a little rosé too). To help kick-start your inspiration, we’ve carefully chosen each sign’s signature Easter candy match below. Again, science.


Whoppers Robin Eggs: That trademark independence of yours means you never spend time doing (or eating) what you don’t want to, Aries. So if everyone else thinks malted eggs are weirdly dry and annoyingly tongue-staining, you honestly couldn’t care less. They’re crunchy, sweet, and one-of-a-kind. Just like you are, of course! Go ahead with your malted self.


Chocolate Carrots: Neon sugar coatings, extra-tart gummies, and tropically flavored jelly beans just don’t do it for you, Taurus. You’re drawn to the more understated pleasures in life — and that includes your Easter candy. Chocolate carrots are simple, straightforward, and delicious without fanfare, and your Earthiness appreciates the nod to nature.


Jelly Beans: With so many interests, a packed social calendar and an insatiable curiosity, it’s obvious you crave variety in all aspects of your life — even Easter candy. Jelly beans, what with their myriad flavor combinations from dozens of brands (anyone remember the pastel Lifesaver kind?), keeps you surprised and delighted (although they can all keep the black licorice).


Peeps: Soft, sweet, and super cute, Peeps are a lot like you, Cancer. We’re not trying to be patronizing; it’s just that you’re known for your sensitive, gentle nature, and these little marshmallow chicks are the perfect accompaniment to any of your Easter celebrations (if we know you at all, we know you’re hosting an Easter brunch, and these babes would make perfect place cards).


Cadbury Creme Eggs: There’s no Easter candy as bold and fun as the original Cadbury Creme Egg, so it’s only natural that someone as bold and fun as yourself would love it, Leo. Who can resist that playful hard chocolate shell and creamy fondant filling? It’s an indispensable addition to any Easter basket, just like you’re an indispensable addition to any party!


Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs: Sure, you’ve been told over and over again that perfection is unattainable and you should really be less hard on yourself, Virgo, but have any of these good-natured friends of yours ever had a Reese’s peanut butter egg? Reese’s have always been good, but there’s something about that thick egg shape that makes them extra tasty. Dare you say — perfect?


Hershey’s Eggs: Never one to ruffle any (baby chick) feathers, you’re always looking to make everyone feel at home and happy, Libra. The last thing you want to do is offend anyone’s sensibilities, so we suggest stocking up on Hershey’s Eggs for your holiday party sugar fixes. The classic chocolate wrapped in a crunchy candy coating is a total crowd pleaser, further cementing your status as the ultimate social diplomat.


Sweetart Chicks, Ducks, and Bunnies: You’re a bit of a mystery, even to those who know you best, Scorpio. Never one to show all your cards, there’s definitely a wall up that surrounds your emotional center. These classic Easter candies know a thing or two about that, with their sour-then-sweet fruit taste. It’s nice when someone finally gets you, isn’t it?


Marshmallow Eggs: As someone who is playful, fun and has a great sense of humor, you definitely identify with your childlike-side, Sag. And there’s nothing more inherently kid-friendly than a chocolate-covered marshmallow egg, all gooey and soft. Go ahead; indulge in one (or three… who’s counting?).


Chocolate Bunnies: The classics are classics for a reason — right, Cap? There’s no need to try and improve what’s already perfect, so the traditional chocolate bunny is your go-to seasonal treat. You respect tradition more than anyone we know, and these gold-wrapped hollow guys are as cute as they are satisfying to munch.


Coconut Nests: Coconut nests aren’t for everyone — they’re a love-it-or-hate-it kinda deal. Which is exactly why you’re all about them, Aquarius. Fiercely individualistic with a rebellious streak, you aren’t one to stick to a crowd, so it’s chocolate-covered sweetened coconut for you this Easter.


Cadbury Mini Eggs: You’re the most spiritual sign there is, Pisces, and Cadbury Mini Eggs are the most spiritual candy on the planet, period. A transcendental experience, these bite-sized milk chocolate morsels are heaven, if heaven was wrapped in a candy-coated shell. You have your own other-worldly thing going on, and the generous part of you loves the shareable bag size (you’re a better person than us).

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