Easter traditions usually lean more kid-focused, so we Peeps-loving adults of Brit+Co wanted to find a way to adapt聽these nostalgic traditions to our grown-up lives (have you seen all these Peeps Easter decorations?!). While chocolate and hand-painted聽Easter eggs are definitely here to stay, these three creative DIY baskets are a welcome update, because they are just as good at holding our keys and trinkets as they are our Easter candy!


In this post we鈥檒l point you in the right direction for making聽your own DIY baskets out of聽rope, leather or chunky cotton yarn, putting a new twist on an old Easter morning favorite.

DIY Dip-Dyed Rope Bowls


Want a basket as pretty as the Easter eggs you鈥檙e putting in it?聽So do we! Just follow these easy steps to make聽your own in every color.


Grab all of the materials on the left (included in our Dip-Dyed Rope Bowls Kit), and a few additional household supplies (pictured right), and聽check out the full聽step-by-step rope bowl tutorial.


These no-sew rope bowls are crazy easy to make. Dip dye your rope for varying lengths of time so that you get an ombre gradient effect, let dry and then coil the rope around itself, wrapping higher聽as you go and securing with hot glue the whole way. Read the full step-by-step tutorial for more detailed info.


These dip-dyed bowls聽are an Easter bunny鈥檚聽spirit animal鈥 er, spirit basket.


Fill up your baskets with all sorts of goodies, from the traditional eggs and chocolate to makeup, sunnies, pretty agate coasters and some bubbly! We鈥檒l take that Ros茅 to go please ;)

DIY Leather Tray


Next up is another year-round decor piece turned Easter basket 鈥 this simple DIY leather tray!


Grab all the supplies you need in our Leather Tray Kit and follow step by step with聽our Leatherworking Online Class.


In the聽Leatherworking Online Class, you鈥檒l learn how to add surface treatments to your leather and sew up the corners to create a cute little tray that鈥檚 perfect for holding all your goodies!


The best part of this multi-purpose tray is that you can customize the pattern inside to suit your own personal style!


This is a basket for an adult, so tell the fake grass to stay out of it and and fill up that valuable basket space with聽some extra trinkets, like these awesome DIY brass wire bracelets or a few聽fun beauty products. They鈥檒l last longer than those Peeps will for sure ;)

DIY Crocheted Basket


This third option聽is the perfect basket for the big softie in your life 鈥 a chunky crocheted basket that is just as good at housing things year round as it is holding that massive聽haul of Easter eggs you just hunted down.


Grab this super soft, chunky yarn and your hook and needle in our Crocheted Basket Kit, and follow along with our Modern Crochet Online Class for full instructions.


The聽Modern Crochet Online Class聽will show you how to start off your stitches and continue around and around, building up the sides of your basket and attaching two grey handles to the sides.


By the end of the class you鈥檒l have a large wool basket ready to fill as you please!


And there you have it 鈥 a super soft basket for housing eggs, Peeps,聽and聽a sneaky bunny pillow聽or two.

What kind of Easter basket will you DIY?聽Show us your project by tagging us on聽Instagram聽and using hashtag #iamcreative!