Even with the advantage of texting your crush beforehand, first dates are still notoriously awful. Not only do you have to finalize your date night makeup and pick out the perfect look (LBD, anyone?), but finding the right location that will spark a connection AND a meaningful convo can seem damn near impossible. That’s why we’ve come up with 10 first date game changers that feature fun activities to keep the awkwardness to a minimum. Enjoy!


1. Host a DIY cheap wine tasting night. Inviting your new crush over to your pad may seem a bit forward, but everything will be forgiven once you break out the vino. Grab five or so of the cheapest wines you can find and do a blind taste test with your date. Not only will it instantly give you something to talk about, but your date will surely appreciate your ability to drink on a budget.

2. Take inspiration from Aladdin and Jasmine. Whether you met your date on Mouse Mingle (AKA the dating app solely for Disney lovers) or just know they love a good Disney flick, try hosting an Aladdin-themed date night by jazzing up the traditional picnic. Grab a small rug, some grub and a tiny projector (so you can play drone YouTube videos to make it look like you’re flying, duh), and get ready for the magic carpet ride of a lifetime.

Let's see how high we can get it!

3. DIY a kite and hit the beach. There’s nothing better than chillin’ at the beach on a hot summer day. But instead of laying awkwardly in silence by your new beau, bring along a DIY kite kit to make together. The activity will give you something to talk about — plus, it’s a great keepsake to gush over if things go well.

Sushi evening

4. Check out an experience dinner. Going out for dinner is a tried-and-true first date staple. But instead of going to a boring chain restaurant, choose an eatery that offers something new that you and your date can experience together. From conveyer belt sushi restaurants to eateries completely in the dark, a quick search online will surely yield tons of local gems.

Buying Oranges on the Market

5. Have a free samples contest. Not all first dates have to be black-tie. If your date is a little goofy, try taking them to a supermarket or farmers’ market and see how many people you can coax into giving you free samples. Bonus points if you make up fake aliases together to get extras.

6. Brave it and attend an amateur open-mic comedy night. You never quite know what you’re going to get when you attend an amateur comedy night — and that’s kind of the entire point. It’s a great icebreaker AND a great way to see if you and your date have the same sense of humor. Just make sure you stop for some gelato afterwards to get to know each other a little better.

7. Test your skills at a rock climbing gym. Whether you’re a fitness junkie or just looking for an interesting way to get to know your date, going to an indoor rock climbing gym is a great first date option. Yes, it’s super Instagram-worthy (score!), but it’s also a great way to suss out your potential future partner’s personality — and there’s tons of down time to talk and get to know them better too.

She has the last say

8. Swap signature dishes and host a couple cook off. If you (and your date) feel comfortable enough having a first date at one of your apartments, having a cook-off is an amazing option. Whether you end up swapping signature dishes, family recipes or just random recipes you find online, this easy-to-implement and super chill date is perfect for foodies and entertainers alike.

9. Go to a kiddo arcade. Ski-ball. Laser tag. Foosball. Need we say more? Challenge your date to your favorite childhood game and let the competitions begin! Don’t stick around for the arcade cafeteria food though — use your tickets to buy your date a cute souvenir and go grab dessert at a cafe.

10. Head to a convention. If you and your new special someone has a particular hobby in common (whether you’re both cosplayers or beer connoisseurs), do a quick Google search to see if there are any cool conventions or meet-ups happening around you. Being in your element can definitely take some of the pressure off of a first date. Plus, it will surely make for an awesome story if things go well!

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