Facebook friends are a funny thing. Sometimes you鈥檝e only met them once. Or maybe you kinda-sorta knew them in high school and haven鈥檛 actually spoken to them since. Out of those 500+ Facebook friends of yours, how many would you actually call up to hang out or invite to a party? Social media has created this weird world where we virtually interact with people everyday. You see photos of their vacations, their babies and probably even know when they start a new job. But how many of your Facebook friends would you consider real-life friends?

Matthew Kulesza, a 28-year-old student from Melbourne, Australia, set out to do something about this great friendship divide. Kulesza has made it his mission to sit down and have coffee with every single one of his 1000+ Facebook friends. The project, which he鈥檚 titled 1,000+ Coffees, began in September and he says it will take him at least the next three years to complete. So far he has met up with 29 friends.

Matt chose coffee over a bar setting because he wanted to catch up with people without any help from the liquid courage. He told Buzzfeed, 鈥淚 think there鈥檚 a big difference between the way we socialize when we drink alcohol, under the cover of darkness, and socializing in the day on a caffeinated level. Catching up with people without the social lubricant of alcohol to help things along is more of the interaction I鈥檓 going for.鈥

Matt says the idea for the project sparked as he was looking at his Facebook feed and began to wonder if he could have a cuppa joe with all these people he saw on a daily basis. He started posting his catchups in a private album, but the response was so positive he decided to take things public. After each meet up, Matt usually posts a picture with his rekindled friend and writes a little bit about how they originally met and how the date went.

In this social media crazed day and age, it鈥檚 nice to see someone making an effort to bring all those virtual friendships into the real world. Check back on Matt鈥檚 blog to see how he progresses in the project and how it evolves.

How many of your Facebook friends would you have coffee with? Does this have you thinking about virtual friends vs. real world friends? Share your thoughts in a comment below.