As much as we love Facebook, you have to admit that it's a bit overwhelming to browse the site these days. With so much content flying around from hundreds (if not thousands) of friends and brands, it's easy to get lost in a sea of comments, articles, and timeline posts. In fact, the one thing we love most about Facebook — stalkerishly browsing our friends' photos — has even become more difficult to do with all of the stuff happening on the site these days.

Fret no more! An app called Friendsheet, has come to the rescue. Friendsheet is a Pinterest-like feed (yes, yet another Pinterest clone) consisting solely of photos from Facebook. You can browse your friends' photos, a specific friend's photos, or your own photos. The best part? It's a never-ending feed! You can browse for hours on end, making sure you don't miss a single upload from one of your friends. Clicking on a photo will enlarge it so that you can take in all the close-up details you'd get on Facebook. And yes, you can still comment and like as usual.

I spent a good 10 minutes on the site today, browsing all of my friends' Easter uploads. It made me feel "in-the-know" about everything happening in my friends' lives, and took me significantly less time than it would have taken to consume the content through my News Feed.

Now the big question: what happens now that Facebook has acquired Instagram? Time will only tell. Be on the lookout for many more Facebook photo features, coming to a browser or phone near you.