Our colorful culinary collection got us thinking about color, and all the awesome ways to use it. Okay, who are we kidding? We obsess over color 24/7, and today is no exception.

For this wrapping project, we decided that its time to put all those old lead-less mechanical pencils to good use. The erasers are still solid, and they make adorable circle stamps perfect for a little holiday cheer! For wrapping paper, we used regular old printer/copy paper, and topped each gift with a simple paper bow.


– stamp pads (or get 8 colors in one here)

– pencils with erasers

– exacto knife

– colorful paper

– glue stick or double-sided tape

Lay out your materials. If your eraser has been well-used, use an exacto knife (a kitchen knife or sharp scissors will also work) to cut a clean edge so your eraser stamp is perfectly flat. Simply press the eraser into a stamp pad, stamp onto paper, and you’re done!

Next, we created simple paper bows using square origami paper, but any colorful paper will work. This is one of those crafts that you probably know how to do but here’s a little refresher.

First cut off a small strip that you’ll use to secure the bow. Then accordion fold the paper. Pinch in the middle, wrap the small strip around the pinched part, glue it on the end, and you’ve got your bow!

Got any super simple colorful ideas for wrapping presents? Perhaps you know of a few other household items that double as stamps? Send your tips our way: hello@brit.co.