Valentine’s morning is TOMORROW! If you failed to get your S.O. a gift or can’t find the perfect one, don’t worry. We are here to save the day! Treat them to the ultimate gift: breakfast in bed :) While you’re waiting for breakfast to cook, trick out the tray Valentine’s Day style with patterned washi tape and red contact paper.


– red and white contact paper

– washi tape (Valentine’s Day themed)

wooden breakfast in bed tray


– ruler

– scissors

– pen


1. Measure the tray.

2. Cut strips of red and white contact paper to cover the tray. Cut the strips at different widths to create a fun pattern.

3. Cover some of the white strips with patterned washi tape.

4. Peel and apply strips to the tray.

You may recognize this tray from our itty bitty love story!

Measure your tray so you know what size to cut your strips of contact paper.

Our tray was 10 1/2 inches tall. We cut strips at various widths to create a fun striped pattern.

Hmm. This is starting to look like a candy cane… washi tape to the rescue!

We added washi tape to the white pieces, but feel free to play around with lots of different colors and patterns. (And yes, we have scissors designated for tape!)

Much better! :)

Arrange a pattern on your tray. Leave some wood showing for an added textural element.

Stick them on down!

How easy was that!

So much washi!!

We all know that the way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach.

Will you be treating your S.O. to breakfast in bed on Valentine’s Day? What dish are you planning on serving on top of that tray? Tell us in the comments below!