Winter style is all about the art of the scarf. Whether you’re piling on wooly wearables for a walk in the woods or simply adding a stylish piece of silk to your little black dress, scarves are an essential part of any wardrobe. Here are 20 ways to create your own unique scarves, from t-shirt infinity scarves to repurposing old sweaters into brand new winter warmers. And be sure to stay tuned for more DIY scarf style over the next few weeks here on Brit + Co.

1. Yarn + Leather Cuff Scarf: Bought a gorgeous skein of yarn with the intention of learning how to knit… 5 years ago? Yeah, us too. Grab a couple pieces of leather and create this simply scarf. (via Honestly WTF)

2. Freezer Paper Stenciled Scarf: Love this geometric pattern created using freezer paper stencils. See also: Freezer paper stencil pillow cases! (via How About Orange)

3. Polka Dot Scarf: You know we love a good polka dot! (via Sugar and Cloth)

4. Restyled Scarf: If you’ve got an old scarf that needs an update, get a fresh new roll of yarn and stitch it right in. (via A Beautiful Mess)

5. No-Sew Infinity Button Scarf: This is listed as no sew because it shows you how to use a toothpick instead of a needle to add a couple cute buttons. So fun! (via PS Heart)

6. Pocket Scarf: We turned a stretched out old sweater into a pocket scarf! (via Brit + Co.)

7. Wrapped in Bows: How cute is this? Definitely a good hack for a little one, this shows you how to turn two inexpensive scarves into one bow-filled wonder. (via Ruffles & Stuff)

8. Infinity Scarf from Old Sweaters: Another great way to use old sweaters is to quilt them together to make a patchwork scarf. (via Rock Mosaic)

9. No-Knit Yarn Scarf: This is an Etsy item that old over a year ago, but we think it’s great inspiration for some DIY action. (via Etsy)

10. Honeycomb T-Shirt Scarf: Definitely for the more advanced DIYer, this breaks down the honeycomb technique of adding more texture to a jersey-knit scarf. (via Anne Kata)

11. Bobble Scarf: Pom poms always add a punch to winter fashion. (via Crown Hill)

12. DIY Fringe Scarf: On the left we’ve got a super simple fringe scarf. (via Lakeland Local)

13. Vintage Floral Dress Scarf: And on the right, how to turn an old floral dress into a sweet scarf. Yay for repurposing! (via Kelly Hicks)

14. Skirt to Scarf: Speaking of turning garments into scarves, this skirt was snagged for $5 and makes such an awesome scarf! (via Sisters Suitcase)

15. Strung Silk Scarf: Ok ok, this is an item from Anthropologie not a DIY tutorial… but we think we can turn it into one. Stay tuned. (via Anthropologie)

16. Lace Tipped Scarf: To update an existing scarf, grab a bit of lace (this person used an old lace tablecloth) and get a whole new look. (via Natasha Goes)

17. Lace Trim Scarf: On the topic of updating with lace, you can also use a band of lace trim to add a vintage vibe to any scarf. (via A Beautiful Mess)

18. Braided Layered Scarf: Braids and jersey knit fabric are a match made in heaven. (via Nette Vivante)

19. Ruffled T-Shirt Scarf: The ruffles on this one almost make it look like a vest – so fun! (via Amelia Mary)

20. Vintage T-Shirt Scarf: Don’t have time to make a full on t-shirt quilt? Make a few scarves with all those old concert threads! (via Just Something I Made)

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Have you created your own scarves? Or updated old ones? We’d love to see photos! Send ’em our way on Facebook, Twitter, or by sharing a link in the comments below.