It might not feel like it here in SF, but winter is most definitely on its way. While we love cozying up in all of our old sweaters as the air gets cooler, there are definitely a few sweaters who are on their last legs. What’s a scrappy DIYer to do but repurpose like mad?! From tablet covers to coffee cozies to ornaments and a bow tie, here are 20 ways to repurpose a scarf!

1. Coffee Cozie: The jury’s definitely out on how exactly to spell cozie, coozy, cozy, but these are great for keeping your hands protected when sipping on your favorite warm bevvies. We simply cut a piece of sweater and used velcro to wrap around the glass.

2. Fingerless Gloves: An essential for a smartphone addict in the winter months! We used two sweater sleeves to sew this pair of stylish gloves together. Don’t forget to cut a hole for the thumb hole!

3. Cozy Ornaments: If you’re looking for a more rustic vibe on your Christmas tree or at your table, try using an old sweater or old scarf to revamp shiny ornaments. Also good for glittery ones that have lost their glitter.

4. Pocket Scarf: Using a sweater with pockets to make a pocket scarf? WIN! This sweater was pretty stretched out and not looking so cute, but works perfectly as a pocket scarf.

5. Boot Toppers: To add a little flare to your rain boots, add a sweater topper. (Pro tights-wearing tip: This will save your tights from runs that come from the sharp tops of your rain boots!)

6. Knit Pumpkins: Or, knit-wrapped pumpkins? We used an old ombre blush tone sweater to wrap up our old Halloween pumpkins. To top it off, use twine. Perfect for a Thanksgiving centerpiece.

7. Tablet Covers: What would a modern gal’s nightstand be without her trusty iPad or Kindle? Keep your devices warm in the winter with a sweater sleeve.

8. Knitwear Skirt: Turn it into a mini! We took a sweater (yes, with pockets!) and turned it into an adorable drawstring skirt. This would look pretty darn cute with our rain boots, don’t you think?

9. Plant Cover: This is an easy way to spruce up a regular plastic planter. Great as a last minute decor piece for a holiday party or Thanksgiving event.

10. Headband: This one is super simple. Just cut off a piece of sweater, stitch around the back, and tie around your noggin!

11. Bow Tie: Oh, and that same headband doubles as a bow tie. (Don’t know how to tie a bow tie? We’ve got a video tutorial for that!)

12. Vase Covers: Looking for an easy way to winterize summer decor? Wrap it up!

13. Cozy Bangles: Last winter we turned mason jar rings into cozy winter cuffs with a bit of yarn. These bangles have a similar vibe, but are made by sewing sweater scraps around plastic bangles.

14. Mason Jar Candles: Gotta have a mason jar in here! For a gorgeous take on lighting, wrap your mason jars with sweaters. These white ones are perfect for a wedding or snow-covered event.

15. Stockings: Can’t make it home to your parents’ Snoopy stocking this year? Make yourself a new one. Love this idea as a favor for a holiday party with friends.

16. Pillowcase: Sweaters are snugly as the dickens and so are pillows. Unite them at long last!

17. Knit Purse: For a cozy holiday clutch, you can turn just about any square of fabric into a tote.

18. Cozy Coasters: We know, pretty much everything on here is cozy but… sweaters are just so darn cozy we can’t help it. We used mason jar tops to create these darlings.

19. Reupholstered Stool: Bored of that Ikea table or stool? Reupholster it! To create this table, we used sewing machine to connect all of our sweater scraps and then stapled onto the bottom of the table.

20. Slouchy Beanie: Lastly, turn it into a slouchy beanie!! For a more in-depth how-to on this, see our hoodie beanie.

Have you tried any repurposed sweater projects? We’d love to see them! Send us pics over on Twitter or Facebook, or talk to us in the comments below.