Spring is officially here, and with spring, all manner of edible flower recipes and detox recipes come front-of-mind once again. Spring is all about healthy, fresh eating (check out our April meal planner for ideas), and in 2017, wellness is more popular than ever. But like all trends, there are *always* newly popular healthy foods on the horizon. We’ve got the scoop. Here are five of the most major health food trends taking the wellness world (and Instagram, in some cases) by storm.

Unicorn cakes and mermaid cakes may be uber gorgeous to look at, but you know what packs the perfect combo of pretty AND delicious? Unicorn toast and mermaid toast! These colorful creations are generally made with a light spread such as vegan cream cheese or cashew cream, combined with brightly hued ingredients such as goji berries or blue-green algae powder.

And it’s no surprise that many people are watching their caffeine intake. Naturally decaffeinated beverages, such as herbal tea, gourmet decaf coffee, steamed milk, and anti-inflammatory golden milk will all be increasingly popular in the coming years. Herbal combinations made from cinnamon, peppermint, vanilla beans, chamomile, nettles, milk thistle, and sage are particularly popular.

Mushroom elixir is even MORE interesting. There are literally HEAPS of reasons to consider replacing your morning coffee with a healthy mushroom elixir. If it sounds unappealing, give it a chance — these concoctions are actually pretty delish!

Meanwhile, vegetable smoothies might not sound all that new or exciting, but it’s what’s *missing* from these smoothies that makes them different: fruit. With more and more people reducing their sugar intake, veggie-only smoothies are where it’s at in 2017.

Finally, time for our most exotic choice: umeboshi. This ingredient, which is commonly and conveniently sold in paste form, is made from pickled Japanese ume fruits. It’s said to aid in digestion and — gasp — even help with hangovers.

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