We could all use a little flavor in our commute, and this bike that combines all our favorite tech elements could be just the ticket. Solid is a sweet ride developed by Oregon-based Ti Cycles as part of a design competition. The bike didn’t win, but we think its design could change the bike world. For one, it’s the first 3D-printed titanium bike (!) that’s also connected (!!). This whip is so much more than just a means of transportation.

Grab the bike and the first thing you’ll notice is that it’s light, thanks to the strong, durable and lightweight titanium. The stylish design is minimal, but effective. Place your hands on the handlebars, and — oh, hey! — they’re Bluetooth connected, giving buzzing signals if you’re approaching a turn and a different signal if you missed one. So, no more need to look down at your phone while navigating unfamiliar territory.

A companion app created for the two-wheeler helps travelers explore a new city with curated lists of attractions and points of interest. Top influencers in Portland contributed their perspectives on where to ride and what to see, eat and hear to experience the city like a local would. A less glamorous companion app keeps up with your bike maintenance so you’re not surprised by a light that’s just burned out or brakes that seem to be giving you trouble.

In addition to the mind-blowing combination of design and technology, the bike is loaded with killer features. It’s adaptive with a modular rack that allows for storage (which you’re going to need to take home your haul from the stores suggested by the companion app) and electronic shifters integrated within the handlebar. Pretty cool, huh?

Would you prefer your bike to be Bluetooth connected? Do you use any apps to improve your commute? Tell us more about your ride below!