So your phone’s volume is at the highest notch, but your friend still can’t hear the new song you wanted to share. Do you: A) Cup your hand and angle the sound waves towards your friend, B) Put your phone in a paper cup or C) Press your phone’s speaker against your friend’s ear? Pretty sure we’re all guilty of at least one of those scenarios, but with this new Kickstarter, you’re sure to Bheard.

The Bheard Sound Pod is a 3D printed sound amplifier for your phone. The pod’s unique shape would normally make it extremely difficult to produce in both solid and flexible materials, but because it’s made by a 3D printer, the shape is achieved with ease. So not only is this a neat little pod, but it’s also taking part in further advancing the 3D printing industry.

The designers at Bhold — the company “bhind” the creative creation of Bheard — went through 37 different versions of the sound pod within a mere six weeks before they finally found the perfect shape. And yes, it’s big enough to fit your iPhone 6 Plus or Samsung Note 4.

The Bheard Sound Pod comes in a variety of bold colors as well as two types of materials — nylon or ceramic. If you’re tired of cupping your hands to amplify your phone’s volume or just want a portable speaker that doesn’t rely on batteries or electricity, you can cop a pod through a pledge for $33. If you really can’t wait to get your hands on a sound pod, you can buy one right now in the B+C Shop for $55. Bheard still has until November 20th to reach its goal; you can check out their other pledge options here.

Would the Bheard Sound Pod would be useful for you? We wanna know your thoughts in the comment section!