When it comes to traveling for work, if you’re not careful, things can get super stressful, real quick. Between preparing to rock your meetings, impressing your clients, finding ways to eat healthy and making sure you don’t do anything to make your boss hate you, there are ample reasons to freak out. But like the #girlboss you are, knowing ahead of time what type of business traveler you are can help you plan ahead so your work trip goes off without a hitch. We talked to Andrea Graziani, co-founder and chief marketing officer at DUFL — an app that’s actually a personal valet that ships, cleans and stores your business attire while you’re traveling — to break down the four most common types of business travelers and how they can each ensure a trip that’s smooth sailing.

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The Nervous Traveler

“This is the gal who packs and repacks a million times, checks to ensure flights are on time, that the seats are secure, double-confirms all business meetings and arrives at the airport more than two hours early,” said Andrea. “So for this type of traveler, staying organized is key,” she says. If you’re a Nervous Traveler, be sure that you account for any unforeseen delays such as long security lines or delays at baggage check-in and baggage claim, and don’t let other people’s travel habits influence your own. If you do, it can cause even more stress and anxiety. Stay in control, run through your travel plans the night before, set a meeting with your boss before the trip to finalize details and remember, it’s all going to be okay.

The Planner

Every group of friends has one; just check the group chat. “For this traveler, all details of the trip are planned out weeks in advance. The flights are booked, bags are packed, presentations are ready, events planned and scheduled, the itinerary is detailed and even ‘free time’ is slated into the schedule,” explains Andrea. To make sure all goes well if you’re a planner, do what you do best: plan. “This traveler leaves nothing to chance. Knowing exactly what is expected at each stage of the trip keeps things moving smoothly and spontaneity is not part of the plan,” says Andrea. Consider using a travel service, like DUFL, which will allow you to pack business suits, full-size toiletries, workout clothes or whatever you need for your trips weeks in advance.

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The “Ready to Go at Any Minute” Traveler

This traveler uses a “Go Bag,” AKA an emergency bag that is already packed and ready to go at a moment’s notice, filled with business cards, backup computers and cords. Unlike the planner, spontaneity is what fuels this traveler’s trip. Andrea adds, “This traveler is up for anything. Trips go smoothly because the ‘Ready to Go’ traveler is prepared for bumps in the road; they can adjust and modify on the fly. These trips could go more smoothly for this traveler by having a little more choice on the road.”

The Road Warrior

This traveler has been there, done that. A seasoned professional that you can probably find hanging in the VIP lounge. This person knows what they’re doing. Andrea adds, “The only way this traveler could make things go more smoothly is to utilize time-saving services. While it may be no big deal for this traveler to head to the airport and land at their next destination, these folks are generally looking for ways to make the most of their time. These productivity hackers will do whatever they can to gain an hour of their time back.” If you haven’t already, consider getting TSA pre-check — it can save you tons of time waiting in security lines. Also, take a tip from the “Ready to Go” travelers playbook and keep a bag and 3-5 outfits in rotation so you save time and get more out of your day.

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