We loved seeing how badass women across the globe celebrated International Women鈥檚 Day 鈥 from Nike鈥檚 new inclusive hijab collection to Tony Burch鈥檚 awesome and celeb-packed #EmbraceAmbition campaign. But because we strongly believe that women鈥檚 rights should also be celebrated throughout the other 364 days of the year, we鈥檙e keeping the positive vibes rolling and highlighting five new apps to inspire ladies everywhere to live their best life.


1. Woman Interrupted: Equal rights start with equal voices鈥 which is why we love this new activist app. It was designed to help reduce man-terrupting (AKA when men interrupt women unnecessarily) by using the microphone on your phone to detect whenever a male voice interrupts you. Whether you鈥檙e working in an office or just taking the bus to work, you鈥檇 be surprised at how many times the app actually detects someone interrupting you.

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2. Tress: This global community of black women is an awesome place to get your hairstyle on fleek. Whether you鈥檙e rocking a weave, extensions, cornrows, braids, natural, locs, relaxed hair, wig-caps, or anything in-between, this positive vibes only app is just the place to find your next killer look.

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3. Citizen: If you frequently walk home alone at night, this app is a must-download. Now operating in NYC, the app provides real-time alerts of crimes and other incidents near your location. It鈥檚 an easy way to know when incidents are reported to 911 so you can avoid potentially dangerous situations. Heck, you can even livestream events and watch other people鈥檚 video of incidents too.

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4. Soon: We love attending events hosted by empowered women, but finding and keeping track of all the cool things happening in our area can sometimes be tricky. This cool new app makes it聽easy to discover trendy events and get notifications when they聽go live. Plus if you鈥檙e headed to South by Southwest, it鈥檚 definitely a handy tool to have in your pockets, as their 鈥淏est of SXSW鈥 account highlights the latest and greatest events.

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5. Booklights: When you鈥檝e just read a baddass quote from a fellow girlboss, odds are you鈥檙e going to want to save it for when you need a boost of inspiration. Instead of drowning in sticky notes, download this awesome app that makes it easy to store all of your book quotes in one place 鈥 simply post screenshots or pics of your favorite books to access your daily literary inspo with ease.

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