Now that we鈥檝e successfully managed to adult our way through autumn (AKA we learned how to actually decorate for fall and elevate last year鈥檚 wardrobe with some cheeky autumnal DIYs), we鈥檙e ready to take on our next big seasonal event: the annual holiday potluck, Friendsgiving or other. While trying everything from Chrissy Teigen鈥檚 cookbook is always an option, we鈥檙e going to go ahead and say that we might need to start with something a *tad* easier. To help us avoid any potluck guest blunders, we鈥檙e sharing seven expert dos and don鈥檛s for adulting newbies. Enjoy!


1. Bring everything (we mean EVERYTHING) you鈥檒l need. Sure, bringing the actual dish is a must鈥 but so is serving ware, a dish towel and extra napkins. 鈥淏ring everything you鈥檒l need to serve your dish,鈥 says Danielle Walsh from Bon Appetit. And yes, that includes an extra trivet.

2. Avoid needing to use the host鈥檚 oven. While your host knows that some dishes will need to be warmed up, the best way to prevent an oven bottleneck is to skip it altogether. Potluck enthusiast and culinary guru Jamie Oliver suggests bringing slow-cooked joints of meat as an easy option. 鈥淐ook a marinated shoulder of lamb on low heat for four to five minutes, wrap it tightly in a double layer of foil and make it airtight with cling film, allowing it to rest while you transport it,鈥 he advises. Done and done.

3. Try something interactive. If you want to ensure your dish is a hit, try making it interactive. 鈥淧eople love wrapping, dipping and eating with their fingers,鈥 says Jamie Oliver. Get creative with your presentation and watch your dish fly off of the buffet table.

4. Stay away from theTriple-S: Stinky, spicy and strange. According to Danielle Walsh from Bon Appetit, simple spices are definitely a winner when it comes to communal potlucks (AKA cool it with the garlic and curry 鈥 at least for this gathering).


5. Don鈥檛 forget about food safety. We鈥檝e all licked and dipped a cooking spoon when making a dish for one, but it鈥檚 probably not the best idea when preparing a dish for your holiday potluck. 鈥淗eadlines about people getting sick at church potlucks are enough to make anyone nervous,鈥 says Kristin Donnelly at Serious Eats. Try to procure quality ingredients, ensure your counter space is clean and keep your pets (and children) far, far away.

6. No matter how good it looks, don鈥檛 take the last bite. Even if you鈥檝e been waiting all year for your coworker鈥檚 famous mac 鈥榥鈥 cheese, nothing warrants taking a whole plate full. As manners expert Diane Gottsman says, 鈥淎s good as the turkey may be, avoid that second trip through the line until everyone else has gone through once.鈥

7. Don鈥檛 lunge for a doggy bag. Although most of the time hosts will want you to take your extras home, don鈥檛 start packing up until you are asked. It鈥檚 common courtesy to let the host keep the leftovers if they鈥檇 like, advises Siobhan Adcock at Epicurious.

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