Ahhh… fall is most definitely in the air and I’m ready to get into the spirit. Oh, hi! Lindsay here, BTW. Although fall is my favorite time of year, I’ve always struggled with decorating the house during this season (Christmas, on the other hand, I got you!). I find it challenging for a couple of reasons. First, being a “grown-up” (see how I used quotations there), I find it difficult to find pieces to get me through the fall without being overly cheesy. Being post-college and kid-free, fake spiders, cobwebs and pumpkins galore are not really *on brand* with the modern yet playful decor of my apartment. And second, I fail to decorate, pretty much, out of sheer laziness. What’s a woman to do?! To help solve this dilemma, we’ve partnered with Hallmark Gold Crown to deck out my mantel to get me through this next season in style.


I mean check out these transitions! A few key items can really go a long way. It CAN, in fact, be quite easy to decorate and can still be super classy when you have a good base.


In the process, I found two items that really added a pop of seasonal color without being too overwhelming. Hallmark Gold Crown’s Bittersweet Garland and the Gourd Vase Filler Mix really held all the pieces together and created a cohesion through all of the transitions. Also, one less thing to think about when changing up the looks, AKA #lazygirlapproved. Read on to see how we were able to create three easy and unique mantels for autumn: Early Fall Fashion; Day of the Dead Decor and Friendsgiving Furnishing.



I really appreciate how the Early Fall look maintains a transitional feel from summer to autumn. Nothing seems out of place when a lingering hot day comes rolling through.


The glass pieces from Hallmark Gold Crown’s Decor Essentials really helped to maintain a grown-up feel, while providing a great base to complement some pops of color. We turned the Hurricane Bowl into a temporary terrarium with some Mixed Rosehip Filler and newly propagated succulents. Adding some live plants really kicked it up a notch.



Okay, I have a confession to make… Halloween is not my favorite holiday. I feel like that’s blasphemous to say at Brit + Co. And while I have an affinity for all of the creative costume opportunities, I definitely got my fair share of All Hallow’s Eve celebrations while in college. So, although Hallmark Gold Crown has quite an extensive selection of Halloween items, I was VERY excited for the the Day of the Dead decor options. Swapping in a few key pieces created a fun and festive mantel just in time for October.


We decided to go a little minimal with the Day of the Dead decor to let the details of the skulls shine. These bad boys brought their A-game and added some undead life to this look.


I know these are not Day of the Dead related, but I COULD NOT resist these little dudes! I mean, how cute are they? I absolutely love the little mummy holding the pumpkin. These two are actually salt and pepper shakers, but I thought that they were the perfect little nod to Halloween, without being overbearing.



I would have to say that this look was my favorite of the season. It’s also perfect because this year, I’m hosting my very first Friendsgiving and it’s spot on for the event.


This small Bell Jar might be one of my favorite pieces from the whole lot. It is the perfect blank canvas that can be filled an assortment of times. Once again, using similar items from the Hurricane Bowl, we were able to create an entirely different vibe.

Ohhh fall, you never looked so good!


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Author: Lindsay Saito

DIY Styling + Production: Lindsay Saito, Anita Yung

Photography: Chris Andre