The powers that be have been giving us nostalgic gift after nostalgic gift as of late: From our favorite Bath and Body Works 鈥90s scents to the Lisa Frank coloring book, our inner adolescents are LIVING for this late 鈥80s/early 鈥90s revival. Which is why we couldn鈥檛 possibly be more excited about the return of Nintendo NES. Though the new machine will only be a mini version of the original, the promise of 30 games straight outta鈥 our childhood is more than enough to get us geeked.


So geeked, in fact, we just had to take a trip down memory lane to recall some of our favorite games of yore 鈥 check out which Nintendo Entertainment System games we鈥檇 most like to play again, given the chance!

NES mario

1. Super Mario Bros. 3: There was no game we spent more time attempting to defeat in the 鈥90s than Super Mario 3. The most evolved of the game trilogy, the graphics were clearer (okay, so they were no Nintendo 64, but bear with us here 鈥 it was the 鈥90s), the worlds were cooler (Egypt!) and its secrets and tricks seemed infinite. Forget jumping around in sewers 鈥 this Mario could FLY (well鈥 sort of. In short bursts, with a raccoon tail, but still). What could be cooler? (Photo via Nintendo)


2. Super Mario Bros. 2: Super Mario Bros. 2 had one MAJOR distinguishing factor setting it apart from its first version, and it was enough to make us green with envy over the fact that our friends had it when we didn鈥檛: Princess. Peach. Previously the damsel in distress, Mario鈥檚 number one lady love (along with Toad) were added to the game鈥檚 lineup of heroes, and our tiny little minds were absolutely blown. It certainly didn鈥檛 hurt that she could totally jump the farthest 鈥 take that, boys! (Photo via Maxirene)


3. Barbie: With so many action hero games for NES (we鈥檙e looking at you, Contra), it was nice to have an option for the girlier girls among us. While Barbie still had to kick the butt of a few bad guys (er 鈥 things 鈥攖here was a lot of flying food to outsmart, as we recall), she also got to shop for a gown and accessories for a hot date with Ken. A game modeled after our own lives? Be still our little hearts. (Photo via


4. The Legend of Zelda: Though we didn鈥檛 REALLY get into Zelda until the Super Nintendo era, we have to pay homage to the game that started a lifelong love with all things Link, Zelda and Hyrule (oh, and rupees 鈥 did we mention rupees?). After all, much of the game鈥檚 core remained the same from its inception, from the legendary background music to the fire-spitting water monsters and dark 鈥渂oss鈥 dungeons. Zelda forever! (Photo via

duck hunt

5. Duck Hunt: While we wouldn鈥檛 be caught dead poaching a harmless animal IRL, we鈥檝e gotta admit, the virtual version of hunting in our youth was actually kinda鈥 fun. Armed with a controller gun and a vendetta (that pesky laughing dog STILL haunts our dreams), no duck was safe. (Photo via World of Longplays)

tom jerry

6. Tom & Jerry (and Tuffy): Like Barbie, this one stuck out in our memory as being unique, with Jerry traveling through multiple rooms of a house to get to the attic where that dastardly Tom cat has hidden his nephew, Tuffy. Armed with bubblegum, meat cleavers, hammers and the like to get past the bevy of pests blocking his path (ewwwww, spiders!), Jerry is also known to collect a cheesy snack or two on the way (hey, a little nibble never hurt anybody, right?). Alas, with no plans to reintroduce this guy for Nintendo mini, this game is one that鈥檒l have to live on in our memories. (Photo via AtheneEM)


7. Tetris: Though quite possibly one of the simplest Nintendo games ever made, we owe Tetris a lot 鈥 namely the development of our motor skills. You had to be quick if you wanted to get those fast-falling blocks into the right slot without messing up your flow! It was also a nice distraction from the world outside, something we can relate to all too well nowadays. Though Tetris didn鈥檛 make the cut for the 30 game re-release, its Mario-themed version of sorts, Dr. Mario, DID. Eee! (Photo via World of Longplay)


8. Ms. PacMan: Like Tetris, Ms. Pac Man wasn鈥檛 the most groundbreaking game in the world, but it brought our favorite Pinball classic to life 鈥 and with a BOW, no less. The premise is easy enough 鈥 eat gold pellets while avoiding those irksome ghosts 鈥 but four maze worlds helped to add some variety, while the high score always beckoned for a takedown. It鈥檚 Mr. PacMan you鈥檒l have to revisit on the mini console, but we鈥檒l always remember his female counterpart fondly. (Photo via ruusterinpoika)

(Featured photo via Getty)