Some people like to stand while they work. Some people like to sit while they work. But one thing’s for sure: Nobody likes working at a cubicle. Introducing Your Position, the adjustable workspace that’s designed to improve your wellbeing in the office.

Designed by Not Just Chairs, this beautifully designed desk-on-wheels allows users to customize their workspace, depending on their needs. It has rails at different heights and various add-ons to make your little space seriously efficient.

The attachments include colorful storage boxes, filing and lighting systems, planters, pen holders and most importantly, a desk surface that can be placed at any level on the rails. Each item locks into place, but can easily slide along the rails if needed. The best part? You can change it up once you get bored. Or change jobs. Whichever comes first.

This Scandinavian-style desk would also be great for a home office. Its unique and airy L-shape is perfect for your tiny space when you don’t have the room for a full desk. Plus, if you’re willing to stand, you don’t even need a chair (yay for calorie-burning!).

Unfortunately, this is still in concept phase. However, we’re hoping it will be for sale real soon… because we want at least five.

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(h/t: Design Milk)