We’ve grown a lot since kindergarten, guys, we are GOOD at sharing now. With Airbnb we lend our pads, we hitch rides with apps like Lyft, Spinlister lets us go tandem on bike owning. But, um, what about when you gotta go? Now there’s Airpnp, a web-based app that will help you locate the nearest John. Halle-loo-jah!

Airpnp is like Airbnb… but for finding the other kind of b. In a totally genius move it is currently launching in New Orleans, where Mardi Gras is happening as I type and there miiiiight be a few people in need of a bathroom there during the celebrations. Like, right now. Pull the site up on your phone and you’ll be hooked up with the closest spots you can squat. So go ahead and have that extra Hurricane.

The site is simple. Find a place to pee or add a place to pee. Some bathrooms are free and some you’ll have to throw down a little dough to do your thing in. Porta-potties, bathrooms in private homes, hotels and businesses are all plotted out. The map will even show you spots that are offering deals for Airpnp users — like a free beer at Capdeville! — so peep it if you’re down there then leave a review of your exPEErience on the site.

To become an “entrepeeneur” and add a place to pee in your home or business, just connect using Facebook and create a listing for your loo with your price, some pics and a description. People are using the app to advertise fundraisers (your $1 for a pee can go to charity!) and letting folks know if there are mirrors for costume and makeup adjusting. Though it’ll be pretty tough to beat “Nicholas Cage peed here.”

And now, a slightly disgusting but necessary portrayal of what Airpnp can do for you:

Go forth and pee all that you can pee wherever, whenever using Airpnp.

What do you think of Airpnp? Would you use it?