Welcome to the future, everyone: Amazon just launched a store for 3D printed everything.

In case you haven鈥檛 gotten a hold of a 3D printer of your own, you can now buy pre-printed goods on Amazon. We totally should鈥檝e expected this 鈥 you can buy anything and everything on Amazon. Some things with your phone or your own at-home scanner.

Taking a cue from the MakerBot momentum, Amazon opened up a 3D printing shop where you can purchase printed goods from various suppliers, including Mixee, Sculpteo and 3DLT. We hope you鈥檙e ready to flex your selective skills, there are a ton of products that you can customize, including futuristic fashion accessories, home decor and toys.

You can buy everything from a totally rad dawg sculpture ($35) to an iPhone stand ($55) to customizable jewelry. Like that knotted ring ($45)? You can change the color, size, width and amount of twist in the knot until you do.

Engrave your pup鈥檚 name and your contact info on a printed dog bone tag ($50) to brings Fido鈥檚 accessories up-to-date along with yours.

Print a slim wallet ($36), choosing a decal style, background, color and customizable text. This is the beauty of 3D printing 鈥 you can get exactly what you want when everything is made in a one-size-fits you batch to your specifications.

Speaking of one-size-fits-you鈥 one of our favorite parts about the whole 3D shop is the create your own bobblehead ($30) feature. How freakin鈥 awesome?!

Obviously, we鈥檙e already faithful shoppers of Shapeways and Thingiverse, but it鈥檚 interesting to see 3D printing find a more mainstream marketplace. Not only are Amazon鈥檚 3D offerings totally affordable (most are under $100), but it鈥檚 also making 3D printing even more accessible and reaching people who might not be shopping for 3D printed roses just yet. We鈥檙e hoping that they鈥檒l work to bring goods from smaller, independent up-and-coming printers to the public next.

What are you excited to buy from Amazon鈥檚 new 3D shop? Talk to us in the comments below!

(h/t TechCrunch)