Netflix, we love youm, but you’ve got some fierce competition headed your way. A recent study from recently revealed Netflix has a whopping 61 percent less TV content than their main competitor Hulu. Now, Amazon is hitting us with some major news that’s making us seriously question our streaming service loyalty.

On Sunday, Amazon announced Prime Video, a new stand-alone service that allows customers to sign up for video streaming service for just $8.99 per month. While Amazon Prime has been streaming original TV shows (like Transparent and the Golden Globe-winning series Mozart in the Jungle) as well as other TV shows and movies for five years now, all that content was previously only offered as part of an Amazon Prime membership ($10.99 per month/$99 per year).

The update now allows people who might not be interested in the other Amazon Prime perks to get in on the streaming action. A Netflix subscription currently costs a dollar more per month (unless you’re grandfathered in), and Hulu is set at a dollar less ($7.99 per month). But Prime Video is offering up something that the others don’t: offline downloads. Whether you’re commuting via the subway or a frequent flyer, this little update could definitely win over new users. It sure is making us reconsider our streaming allegiance.

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