Breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day, they say. *You* might have instilled the value of the morning meal into your daily routine, but it doesn’t really resonate through the facial expressions of the kids highlighted in the following video. Talk about an altered POV.


The team at Kitchenbowl + the folks behind one of our faves, the 100 Years of Beauty video, gathered a group of hungry children to see what their reactions would be when trying traditional breakfast recipes from six different countries. Spoiler alert: They weren’t big fans. We’re assuming they predicted the kids’ disdain for the plates of food, as Kitchenbowl captured the entire breakfast journey on film courtesy of Cut for our viewing pleasure. Thanks so much for the chuckles, you guys!

While they had a lot of animated reactions to the international fare, which was prepped by Top Chef alum Ashley Santo Domingo, the overwhelming response to the food was disgust. Sorry, Korea, Finland, Vietnam, Poland, Morocco and Brazil, our kids just don’t know delicious when they taste it :(


After food feedback like that, the only thing we’re wishing this clip included was the kids’ reaction to a traditional American breakfast (hopefully not in the form of a Denny’s Grand Slam). Now that is a carb-load we definitely don’t need to indulge in.

Has your little one tried breakfast from a different country before? Let us know in the comments.