Korean cuisine is so hot right now — literally! For those of you out there who enjoy keeping things spicy, you’ll LOVE this collection of 10 essential dishes. Enjoy these recipes for everything from DIY condiments to delicious rice bowls!

1. Korean Fried Chicken: Crisp and juicy, this twice-fried chicken is coated in a finger-lickin’-good sweet and spicy sauce. (via Seesaltwithfood)

2. Multi-purpose Gochujang Sauce: Doll up store bought fermented chili paste (gochujang) to make this versatile sauce that adds a lively flavor to noodles, veggies and so much more. It may be time to retire that bottle of sriracha. (via Beyond Kimchee)

3. Kimbap: Enjoy these beef- and veggie-filled snack rolls on the go! (via Spoon Fork Bacon)

4. Homemade Kimchi: Have fun experimenting with this DIY fermentation project for cabbage-based kimchi. (via China Sichuan Food)

5. Seafood and Green Onion Pancake: Across between a pancake and fritter, these can be made with or without gluten! Serve ’em up as an appetizer or light meal. (via Girl Cooks World)

6. Bo Ssam: Meat served in a lettuce wrap may sound like a ho-hum, been there done that concept, but this recipe is extraordinary. Fall-apart tender pork butt with a sweet, crisp, almost chicharrón-esque crust is combined with a host of accoutrements to create this Momofuku classic at home. (via The Bitten Word)

7. Mandu: Try your hand at these vegetable-filled dumplings. (via Ononomopia)

8. Dolsot Bibimbap: What’s not to love about a bowlful of gochujang-drizzled rice, beef and veggies all topped with a sunny side up egg? (via Savory Simple)

9. Korean-style BBQ Beef Short Ribs (Kalbi): Fire up the grill and toss on these crowd-pleasing Korean-style ribs. (via Seasaltwithfood)

10. Budae Jjigae: Classic soft tofu soup meets ramen in this hearty “poor man’s” stew. (via Cherry on My Sundae)

Did we miss any of your favorite Korean dishes? Let us know in the comments