There comes a time every year when we decide it鈥檚 finally time to get our lives in order. Whether or not those changes stick, though, is always up in the air. But this week, in the spirit of self-advancement, we鈥檝e got five brand new apps that will make you feel like you鈥檙e getting your life on track. Whether you want to finally get your budget聽straight, catch up on the news or just add some funny new items to your collection of stuff, these apps will help you reach your goals. Now excuse us as we try to finally organize our bathroom 鈥 for the fourth time this year.


1. Drunk Shopping: We鈥檝e all done it, we don鈥檛 always regret it: Drunk shopping. And now there鈥檚 an app for it. It鈥檒l hit you up once a week at really weird hours and send you awesome stuff from around the Internet 鈥 like a Nicholas Cage shirt or soup spoon shaped like the Loch Ness Monster. It鈥檚 also around to chat whenever you get bored.

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2. Feedr: Get caught up quickly on what you care about with Feedr. The app trawls articles from all over the web and users hashtag each article with its topics. You can explore the hashtags to see what鈥檚 happening in the realms you care about. And, if you find an article that really resonates with you, it鈥檚 easy to share to social media from the app. This is a modern way to stay up-to-date on what鈥檚 happening.

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3. Swiftmojij: We love emoji. Peppering texts with the little pictures has become one of our favorite activities. But for those switching back and forth between your letters and your emoji keyboard, sticking in a bottle of Champagne or thumbs up can be time-consuming. So this app predicts which emoji you鈥檙e going to use and makes them easily accessible. Now go to town with as many emoji as you please.

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4. Spent: There are TONS of apps out there to help you manage your finances. Spent is different in that it gives you cash back for your purchases. It helps you split your expenses between business and personal (amazing feature!) and will give you rewards for your spending through the app鈥檚 partners. So after a while, your business lunches will start to reward you with discounted personal dinners.

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5. myHome Plus: Before, we only ever had to keep track of the TV remote controls for our homes. Now, with the advent of smart homes, there are TONS of controls and apps and we鈥檙e never exactly sure which device goes with which part of our home. But this new app brings them all together and allows you to organize controls by room. If you have guests crashing at your house, you can also share access to certain rooms with them via phone. It鈥檚 one of those apps that makes you feel like you have absolutely everything under control.

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