There’s no denying that the iPhone is one of the greatest tech inventions to come into our lives. But, as with anything, it still comes with its downfalls. And today, we’re talking about battery life. Whether it’s the inevitable low battery notification or the dreaded image of your juice level being in the red, crummy battery life can seriously ruin the day.

But if you share our sentiment, then we may have good news for you! Apple has posted on their website that they will replace battery packs in some models. If you purchased an iPhone 5 between September 2012 and January 2013, there’s a small chance that it has a device flaw that causes it to lose a charge and lack normal battery life. Apple began offering replacements on August 22 to phones determined to be a part of the issue.

Wondering if you’re eligible for the free replacement? Head to Apple’s website to utilize their simple serial number checker. Already purchased a new battery for your eligible device? The company is even offering refunds to people who have already paid to replace theirs. But don’t think anything else is going to be repaired or replaced while you’re at it… Apple has made it super clear that broken screens and other damage can make changing out the battery more difficult, so you may incur an extra charge to make the replacement happen if that’s the case.

You can make an appointment with an Apple store or an authorized retailer to have your phone checked out, or contact Apple Technical Support. Hats off to Apple for addressing this issue and working to keep their customers satisfied! Hooray for better battery life… if you’re eligible, that is.

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(photos via Pocket Now, Daily Mail and Business Wire)