You better start an email to all of your besties before you read this, because we have an invention that’s going to make you want to throw a slumber party with them ASAP.

Are you ready? Okay, here goes. Have you ever searched for the perfect nail color to no avail, finally settling on a shade that ends up either being a) too similar to one you already own or b) just not right? Ever stalled on nabbing that limited edition bottle only to have it disappear from the planet before you can pedicure it up? Us too! Crazy Quirky cool invention Palette will soon solve all of our #nailpolishproblems with a machine that makes custom lacquers at home.

You just snap a picture of the item or shade you want to match in hue on your smartphone, upload it to the WINK app, select the closest color and press mix. In minutes, you’ll have a personalized bottle of your own polish.

And don’t worry, there WILL be sparkle options if the product mockups hold true.

Like a 3D printer for your beauty collection, this is one of those “gee, why didn’t I think of that?” inventions, although maybe you did dream it up when you were 15. Or 25. But regardless of who first whispered this magical manicure concept, it’s real and at an estimated price of $30? We’re sold.

Although it’s made with at-home use in mind now, a salon-version of this can’t be too far off. We could also see personalized polish being popular in weddings as part of the bridal party’s head-to-toe ensemble. And if the price stays low, Palette could be a hit with teens and tweens, maybe inspiring a whole generation of well-manicured makers and creators!

And about that slumber party… once Palette launches, we think we should bring it to Brit + Co SF to mix up custom colors and DIY some cute labels to decorate the bottles. Who’s in?!

What color would you create using Palette?