Life in the spotlight isn鈥檛 for everyone. Nineties heartthrob Freddie Prince Jr. dipped out of the game to produce instead, Mara Wilson (AKA Matilda) left her child star days behind to become an author and now it鈥檚 looking like Ashley Tisdale is transitioning from acting to hairstyling. Okay, kind of鈥 maybe鈥 not really.

The 30-year-old teamed up with beauty magazine, Allure to try her hand as a hairstylist. In the video documenting the experiment, Ashley explains that she plays a hairstylist in her role on the show Clipped so she wanted to give it a shot IRL.

Ashley walks into Allure鈥檚 office and seeks out an employee named Liz who鈥檚 rocking some super long locks. The two get right into it and Ashley picks up some scissors and starts cutting. She explains that she hasn鈥檛 done this before, but is surprisingly equipped with some professional cutting techniques. She grabs sections of hair and twists them before gently using the scissors at a downward angle, which according to a website on the subject 鈥渃reates volume by removing weight from the hair.鈥

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 10.19.12 AM

After some small talk, Ashley finishes Liz鈥檚 hair (which doesn鈥檛 actually look all that different) and somewhat awkwardly walks away. Before she leaves she asks a few other employees if they want a haircut, but none of them look too eager. Ashley, if you want to head on over to Brit HQ we鈥檙e pretty sure we can book you a full day鈥檚 worth of appointments.

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(Photos via Allure and Frazer Harrison/Getty)