Our old friend Kickstarter is always serving up fresh innovation, and this month’s favorites are all about keeping things creative in the kitchen, on the dining table, and at your desk.

1. The Fifty United Plates: “One nation, out of clay.” Need we say more? Okay okay, we will. This cool project is about creating an entire set of bake and cookware shaped like the 50 states. Each dish is based around a standard 13-inch baking pan, and is just what your kitchen needs.

2. Mojo Refuel Aqua: Now this is an iPhone case with a ton of features. It’s waterproof, shockproof, dirt proof, and it’s a backup battery pack! Seriously. You can charge your phone while you swim and take photos of awesome fish. How sweet is that?

3. Lantern Stacking Tableware: Inspired by one man’s unstoppable craving for pho, Lantern makes it easy to carry soup and many garnishes, and creates a whole different layered eating experience. You can also use it to carry a three-course meal. A set of two’ll set you back $95.

4. Avo Bocce: This handsome oak bocce set was created with heirloom quality in mind. It’s not your grandfather’s set, but maybe it could be? :)

5. Range Smart Thermometer: You might be thinking, what do I really need a food thermometer for? We’ve got two answers. Macarons and Thanksgiving. Take your culinary prowess to the next level and snag one of these for sweets, and another one for meats. They’re $49 a pop.

6. The Reframe: This simple piece is a wooden frame that stands on it’s own and fits any standard 5″ x 7″ print. We love the idea of having a few on our desk and creating a rotating mini art gallery of sorts. Pledge $50 and get the frame as well as a new limited edition print every month for six months.

7. AppCrayon Deluxe: Okay, we know this is for kids but… don’t you want a stylus that can change color right on the stylus?! Designed to work with arts apps for little ones, this smart stylus is sort of like a tech version of those pens that had 10 colors in one. Remember those?

8. Halved: It’s like all your dishes got chopped right in half! Billed as the ideal dish set for dieters, we’re more into the quirky shapes of these dishes than the portion control.

9. PubCakes Craft Beer Cake Mix: Including such flavors as Chocolate Stout Cake Mix, Belgian Spice Cake Mix, Cocoa Porter Cake Mix, and Vanilla Ale Cake Mix, this is a cake mix for folks who love a good brew.

10. OFF Pocket: Designed with people who are paranoid about being tracked in mind, the OFF pocket kills any signal that might track your phone wherever you are. We’re not sure about the practical applications for such a pocket, but it’s definitely an interesting product.

Bonus! Zombabiez: Um, what? It’s a shirt for your baby that turns him into a zombie. That’s all.

What’s the coolest Kickstarter project you’ve read about or funded? Share a link with us in the form below.