Fall is a season of contradictions: Nature’s hues grow warmer (and give way to these trending paint colors), while the temperature creeps colder. The carefree mentality of summer fades into the routine of autumn. This season of change doesn’t just mean fun, free fall activities; it can also translate to a time for transformation in relationships (no wonder autumn has these gorgeous wedding trends). So take the hint — there’s no better season for these eight amazing date nights.


1. Find your nearest orchard. Throw on your best scarf and head to an apple orchard or pumpkin patch with your boo. You’ll not only get to enjoy time outside, but you can turn your harvest into some great fall recipes!

2. Carve pumpkins (and don’t forget to use the seeds!). Maybe save this one for the weeks leading up to Halloween, but you two can flex your creativity muscles together all while making some great decor for your living space. Don’t forget to use the pumpkin guts for some fall treats!

3. Watch a movie under the stars. Cozy up in a hammock, grab some blankets and use your phone or tablet to host a private, snuggly movie night under the stars.

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4. Make your S.O. your hometown honey. Fall is synonymous with high school homecoming. Whether your and your S.O. met during your glory days or much later, take a walk down memory lane by bringing your boo home for a homecoming celebration.

5. Opt for adventure. What better way to celebrate the beauty of fall and jump out of your comfort zone than by hopping in a hot air balloon? If you aren’t one for heights, stay closer to the ground by going zip lining.

6. Host a bonfire party. Test your co-hosting skills by spiking some cider, grabbing some friends and lighting a cozy fire outside.

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7. Cozy up with a book on National Literacy Day. Sept. 8 is National Literacy Day, which is a perfect day to crack open a new book alongside your partner. If you want to take it a step further, start a mini book club and discuss your thoughts with your S.O.

8. Go on a thermos picnic. The end of summer doesn’t mean the end of picnics! Concoct your best soup and hot cocoa, and head to a park to take in the romantic scenery with your S.O. by your side.

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