Pregnancy itself is a monumental undertaking, but for a lot of us, finding the right baby name is the trickiest part to navigate. Sure, morning sickness, body aches, and even some lesser-known pregnancy side effects are tough to weather, but they all eventually go away. The name you choose for your baby, on the other hand, is hopefully forever. For adventure-loving families, it may help to narrow down the options by using the spirit of discovery to inspire you. After all, your baby is bound to be your greatest adventure.


A baby sits with his parents and examines a pinecone

1. Bear: Celebrity adventure-enthusiast Bear Grylls may have catapulted this name into popularity, but Bear has Scottish roots stemming from the name Bearnard, which means “strong as a bear.” The tenacity of this name tells the world your little one is ready for anything.

2. Ace: If you’re looking for a name that demands an adventure, Ace is at the top of the list. It also packs star power, as Jessica Simpson chose this short but powerful name for her son.

3. Phoenix: As a name that symbolizes overcoming the odds, Phoenix has a serious adventure vibe and a major dose of cool too.

4. Marco: When you hear Marco, are you instantly thinking Polo? This Italian name has a romantic feel to it while staying within the adventure zone.

5. Sawyer: Few names conjure up the spirit of adventure quite like Tom Sawyer. If you loved the books and value leading a life full of taking chances, then this might be the perfect name for your little one!

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6. Archer: If Katniss Everdeen is a personal hero but you want a name that feels a bit more masculine, then Archer may be the fit you’re looking for. Bonus: You can give him the fun and trendy nickname Archie.

7. Boone: This name has a laid-back kind of vibe, but it’s inspired by American pioneer and frontiersman Daniel Boone. It’s a perfect name for families who love exploring wide open spaces and living an outdoorsy lifestyle.

8. Wyatt: Ashton and Mila named their daughter Wyatt, but it’s a name that gender-bends easily. This Western-influenced name (inspired by Wyatt Earp) is the perfect complement to Boone if you’re expecting twins!

9. Jett: It’s a bird; it’s a plane; it’s your little boy Jett! This name has a unique blend of rock-and-roll mixed with a daring spirit of adventure. It’s the perfect match for families who like to live on their own terms.

10. Axel: Do your adventures involve epic road trips to far-off destinations? Commemorate your wanderlust with a name fit for a little guy who is ready to take on the world.


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1. Scout: Who’s more up for an adventure than a kid named Scout? Bruce Willis and Demi Moore gave their middle child this name, and it’s since become a less-eccentric choice for many parents.

2. Harley: If you love the name Harper but wanted something a little more off the beaten path, Harley is a great option. It’s got a gender-neutral biker edge to it but still feels sweet enough for a little one to pull off.

3. Journey: Set your little voyager up for a life of exploration with a name that has wanderlust built into it. As another gender-neutral name, Journey works perfectly for a boy or a girl — it was chosen by Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green for their third son, Journey River Green.

4. Marlow: A modern choice for water-lovers, the name Marlow actually means “driftwood.” This name suits a child who will grow up with parents who feel open to seeing where new discoveries will take them.

5. Rainier: Do the mountains call to you? If snow lifts your spirit and pine-scented air clears your mind, then naming your child after a majestic peak may be the perfect fit. Other mountain-inspired options include Everest, Aspen, and Sonora.

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6. River: Known in the recent past as a boy’s name, River is quickly growing in popularity for girls too. Perfect for parents who are hoping to raise their tiny human to value carving her own path, this name works well for a naturally independent spirit.

7. Willa: The meaning of Willa is “resolute protection,” but the sound of this name feels gentle and courageous all at the same time. Willa can stand on its own as a first name, or it can be a nickname for the more formal Wilhelmina.

8. Sloane: Sometimes spelled as Sloan, this name has Irish roots and means “raider.” It’s a fierce but still feminine name that has a cool kid feel without trying too hard.

9. Amelia: Do you dream of raising a daughter who’s ready to take on new challenges in the name of adventure and discovery? Then name your little one after one of aviation’s most famous pioneers, Amelia Earhart.

10. Matilda: This unassuming vintage name has a hidden tough meaning: “battle-mighty.” Soften it up with fun nicknames Tilly, Tilda, or Mattie, and you have a junior adventurer who is equal parts sweet and fearless.

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