Bachelor in Paradise alum Jade Roper gave birth to a little girl, Emerson Avery Tolbert, with husband Tanner Tolbert back in August. The couple had originally announced their due date as September 12, but Roper鈥檚 water broke a month ahead of schedule, and while everyone ended up being fine, Roper is now opening up about a super scary situation that made her glad for the baby鈥檚 early arrival.

In a video made for their blog Janner Manor, Roper details how the 鈥渟urprise鈥 arrival of baby Emerson 鈥 Emmy for short 鈥 left them a little blindsided and underprepared.

鈥淧eople always talk about having bags packed before the birth,鈥 she says in the 20-minute video. 鈥淲e had nothing because it was a month out and we figured we had time to not only physically prepare, but mentally prepare.鈥

The baby鈥檚 early arrival meant a change in Roper鈥檚 birth plan. She initially planned to use a midwife to deliver at a birth center but had to go to the hospital instead, and while she wasn鈥檛 happy with the last-minute switch, the whole ordeal was a blessing in disguise.

Roper鈥檚 midwife soon revealed that there was a knot in Emmy鈥檚 umbilical cord. 鈥淲e are very lucky she came early or her nutrients, blood, and oxygen could鈥檝e been completely cut off from her in the womb from the knot,鈥 Roper wrote in the blog post accompanying the vlog, adding in the video that Emerson 鈥渨ould鈥檝e died.鈥

In the end, Emmy鈥檚 birth was 鈥渂eautiful, exhilarating, spiritual, painful [and] perfect,鈥 according to Roper, and they have a healthy, happy baby to show for it 鈥 their 鈥渓ittle miracle.鈥

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(Photo via Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for WE tv)