Like many color-loving creative gals out there, we are in love with Their brand of BFF-ness is legit, and their aesthetic is fun, girly and sure to brighten your day. No idea what is? is an online shop that sells what we think are some of the best gifts ever, especially for yourself and your besties. They make us long to go back to school so that we can buy super cute pens, agendas and notebooks for days. Luckily, we’ve decided that going “back to school” no longer needs to be taken so literally — and we are totally going school supply shopping come September. Oh, and you can shop all things in the Brit + Co Shop ;)

And on that note, we’re always on board with giving our tech devices a colorful makeover. The design team at has a treasure trove of awesome wallpapers and we’re pumped to share a handful from their most recent collection. Click the links below to download ‘em and give your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet a much-needed burst of joy.



How gorgeous is this floral pattern?


>> Download Stickers Desktop Wallpaper


>> Download Dreams Desktop Wallpaper


>> Download Florabunda Desktop Wallpaper



Sometimes, you need to take a chill pill.


>> Download Florabunda Smartphone Wallpaper

>> Download Dreams Smartphone Wallpaper


>> Download Fries Smartphone Wallpaper

>> Download Stickers Smartphone Wallpaper

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Browse through our archive of wallpapers — we’re sure you’ll find something you like!

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