Things you can never have enough of: Fresh flowers, things to make, hacks. Anyone who comes up with a way to repurpose or hack anything around the office wins a prize. Not really, but a gold star is awarded and high fives and squeals can be heard throughout the building. Today we’re going share a little backpack hack. A hackpack, if you will. We’ve been seeing a ton of cool baskets around town and wanted to figure out a way to carry one while riding a bike. So what did we do? Wait for it… we made a basket backpack. All you need is a basket with flat sides and two belts. It’s such an easy hack, yet it looks so adorable.


– flat-sided basket

– two belts



  1. Wrap each belt around the basket, placing one on each side of the handle.
  2. Slide your arms through the belts to put on your backpack. That’s it!

First you need to buy a flat-sided basket. We found ours on Etsy, which has a great selection. Keep the handles on your basket, or remove them if you prefer.


Get two belts and make sure they’re long enough to wrap around your basket with some extra room for your arms and back. Ours are extra-large nylon belts. Fasten them around the basket, placing one on each side of the handles. When you take off your baskpack, remove the straps and place them inside so you don’t lose them and get stuck riding your bike home with a basket swinging from your handle.


Appropriately, we’re taking this baby to a picnic. We’ve got all the necessary vittles: cheese, salami and a baguette. And champagne!


And some flowers, of course.


So pretty!


Slip it on your back and you’re ready to go.


How cute is our little Maddie?


Hop on your bike and head to the park.


Do you have any great hacks to share with us? Do so in the comments and you, too, will get a virtual high five.