Whether you are just beginning to research Paleo eating or have started to cook your own Paleo meals, you’ve likely learned that finding good recipes can make or break your ability to stick with the program. One of the biggest challenges for Paleo newbees is breakfast. Having eaten the Standard American Diet (SAD) for so many years, our palates are just not accustomed to excluding dairy, grains, legumes (including peanuts), sugar and unhealthy oils (sunflower, safflower, etc.) and additives. The list can be a tall order, and almost guarantees we’re cooking 90% of our own meals at home, with meat and vegetables front and center. Newcomers quickly tire of egg dishes. So, here are 13 paleo breakfasts that are not eggs. Warning: If you are strict paleo, a couple of these will not be strictly compliant. But others, like the hemp seed porridge, will be a welcome treat for those who miss hot cereal.

There are a handful of bloggers who make Paleo cooking look easy for newbees. They seem to read our minds and offer not only an array of Paleo-friendly versions of our old favorite recipes but also meal planning tips. These are our go-to sites for tasty Paleo recipes.

Nom Nom Paleo

Working mom Michelle Tam has a degree in nutrition and a lot of practical advice that’s perfect for jump-starting Paleo newbees — from her comic-book Paleo 101 to her slow cooker and pressure cooker recipes to her lunchbox series. Michelle is cooking for a family, so her recipes are practical and tasty and always assumes you’ll want leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch. Her slow cooker grass-fed short ribs are fall-off-the-bone delicious. Michelle is not always “strict” Paleo, but she’ll tell you when she’s not.


Mel Joulwan at WellFed has a way of channeling exactly what we are craving this week. Her “Five Paleo Dinners to Cook Next Week” series helps us plan ahead — sign up to get them sent to you via weekly email. Her fridge-brined The Best Chicken You Will Ever Eat really is. And don’t leave her site without bookmarking the plantains and lemon-garlic dipping sauce. Your family and friends will thank you every time you break this out, which will be all.the.time. We love her cook-once-eat-all-week approach.

Stupid, Easy Paleo

Steph Gaudreau started Stupid Easy Paleo as an alternative to sites that she saw springing up all over with so-called Paleo recipes for pancakes, muffins and banana breads. Her site’s premise is that it’s very easy to cook clean, delicious meals with just a few ingredients that are 100% paleo-compliant, no cheats. Her egg-based simple paleo tortillas are a lifesaver for anyone missing wraps to pull together quick lunches and dinners. We love how she labels all her Whole30 compliant recipes, for those times when we need to push our reset button.

Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

Lexi came to Paleo eating to fix some GI health issues, so many of her recipes are designed to avoid food allergens. Some are vegan and vegetarian as well. Her avocado BLT egg salad makes a great breakfast. She’s not always “strict” Paleo, but she’ll tell you when she’s not. Her beautifully shot instagrams will make you happy you are Paleo and you’ll not feel you’re missing a thing.

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(Photo via Lexi’s Clean Kitchen)