With the arrival of summer weather, we’re not only thinking about what to add to our summer wardrobe must-haves (pale butter yellow FTW), but we’re also dreaming of our fave summer desserts. And what screams summer more than a delicious scoop of our all-time favorite ice cream, Ben & Jerry’s? The iconic company has been dropping new flavors left and right, but their latest announcement is something a little different: a series of “Flavor Flips,” which offer new versions of classic standbys. And we promise you’ll approve of the first one.

Totally Baked

Introducing the first Flavor Flip: a redo of everyone’s OG fave, Half Baked. How do you change up cookie dough and brownie perfection, you might be wondering? Well, you keep the brownies and take the cookie dough and turn it into actual cookies (aka Totally Baked).

This Flavor Flip has us excited to see what else they’ll be turning up for the season. Maybe we’ll see a change in Cherry Garcia or Chunky Monkey? Either way, we’ll head out to a Ben & Jerry’s to test out whatever flavors they’re sending our way, since (thankfully, for us) these are only available for a limited time at scoop shops. Have no fear, though, you’ll still be able to get Half Baked in stores. It’s not going away any time soon.

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(Photos via Ben & Jerry’s)