You know when you’re hosting a party (or an epic pre-game, let’s be real) and want to make sure each of your guests is sipping on a well-crafted, balanced cocktail? Forget about bringing out the beer, and don’t even think about serving up those sugary, pre-mixed cocktails to your thirsty guests. As much as being the hostess with the mostess is about keeping your guests happy, it can also be stressful when you’re having to (bar)tend to everyone else at the same time. While SOMABAR and the Bartesian are fun cocktail-making devices, we have yet to see a system that uses drinks your bar is already stocked with, leaving you with one less errand to run as you’re prepping for your hosting duties.

The makers of the Bernooli Smart Craft Cocktail System, which you can order starting today, tout it as your one-stop-shop for everything you need to make a killer, can’t-eff-it-up cocktail. Here’s how it works: You add their patent-pending, Bluetooth-enabled Smart Spouts to bottles of alc *you already have,* fire up the Bernooli Cocktail Discovery app and then watch as the spouts light up based on your chosen recipe and automatically dispense the perfect amount of liquor, making even the most inebriated bartender at your shindig a master mixologist ;)

Beyond the smart hardware, this system solves the problem so many of us face after hosting an event: WTF to do with half-used bottles of random liquor (who else still has peppermint schnapps from Santa Con?). The app creates a digital bar for you after you tell it what types of liquor you have on hand and then suggests new cocktail recipes, curated from mixologists around the world, you can try out. It’s the equivalent of cleaning out the ‘fridge, craft cocktail-style.


I got a demo of this product + app in action last week (meaning I witnessed its mixology magic firsthand + guzzled down a delicious Sidecar) and I’ve gotta say, it’s def a new way to look at the craft cocktail. For hosts, it’s nice to be able to carry on a full conversation, giving guests your undivided attention, all while pouring up a complicated cocktail you’d otherwise need to reference a recipe to follow.

As someone who just appreciates a good drink, I had a lot of fun with this device because I could see how the technology made the experience of mixing up a cocktail educational and conversational without being intimidating and overly fancy-shmancy. I walked away feeling like I had just had a really unique old-school-meets-new-school cocktail experience. Lots of people — myself included — enjoy the social aspect of cocktails, and this takes it to the next level so that mixing ’em up is fun for beginner bartenders and cocktail connoisseurs alike. Whether you’re hosting a bunch of peeps for a fancy get-together, wanting to learn a new skill in 2016or looking to finally put that half-empty bottle of liquor to use, this system (which starts at $99 for a starter pack of two spouts + a shaker) could be what your home bar needs. Cheers!

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(Photos + video via Bernooli)