This Amazing New Kickstarter Is like the Keurig for Cocktails
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This Amazing New Kickstarter Is like the Keurig for Cocktails

It’s time to step up your dinner party hostess duties once and for all. While you may not feel like a muddling pro eager to mix up a mojito or wine-selective enough to create an unforgettable sangria pitcher, sticking with the trusty six-pack or boxed wine is getting a tad stale. The time has come to impress your friends with expertly crafted cocktails, whether you actually made ’em or a machine did. Step aside, coffee because there’s a new capsule-based machine in town, and it’s all about the afternoon delights.

Bartesian dubs itself as “the first capsule-based cocktail machine.” Essentially what that means is it’ll be your go-to Keurig-like countertop device once 5pm rolls around daily. Sorry, soda, you’re old news. The machine ($249 early-bird price, regularly $299; 12 capsules for $20) just launched its Kickstarter campaign for those interested in making + consuming cocktails without all the essential tools and ingredients required to craft that perfect adult bev.

After filling up its reservoirs (similar to SOMABAR) with liquor staples gin, vodka, rum and tequila, all you have to do to produce a single serving from this cocktail creator is insert your flavor capsule of choice, select how strong you want the drink and get ready to indulge in an ice cold beverage before you can even finish a pre-drink shot ;)

Oh, and those capsules? They won’t be living in landfills for all eternity. Creator Bryan Fedorak revealed to us that they’re recyclable. “We really didn’t want to destroy the world while making this!” he explained. The quality is high all around for Bartesian; the crew worked with mixologists, food scientists, and “cocktailistas” to make sure the drinks taste amazing and not like artificial, sugar-filled pre-mixes already out there.

At launch, the machine will be able to concoct six expertly crafted drinks — with plenty more to come, we’re sure. From classics like a cosmo, margarita or sex on the beach to Bartesian signatures Zest Martini, Bartesian Breeze, and Uptown Rocks, the party will be getting started with the click of a button.

Would you add this cocktail crafting machine to your kitchen appliance lineup? Let us know in the comments.