Weekends are for doing what you most enjoy. And what we really, really enjoy are apps. The best apps of the week are an eclectic bunch. There’s an app for editing video, one to help you add the best possible emoji to your convo and another that will get you started on podcasting. Download them, test them out and then get ready for some high-tech chat on Monday when everybody asks you what you did over the weekend.


1. Microsoft Sprightly: This rad new app from Microsoft does all your graphic design for you. It allows users to create eCards, catalogs and collages. Although the app is geared toward small business owners, it can fill any design needs you may have: invites for a party, thank you cards or even just professional-looking collages for social media.

DL It: Free on iOS.


2. Google Motion Stills: If you’re a fan of your iPhone’s Live Photo feature, this is the app you need to get. Motion Stills takes your live photos and turns them into GIFs that you can embed anywhere. It makes sharing those funny three seconds easier than ever.

DL It: Free on iOS.


3. Vue: This app turns your phone into a master videographer’s tool. Users record up to six seconds of video and then put the footage through filters, stickers and montages. The result is quality short films that make memories more beautiful.

DL It: Free on iOS.


4. Dango: Dango is your phone’s trendy best friend who knows exactly which memes and GIFs are perfect for every occasion. The app learns your preferences when typing and prepares emoji, GIFs and stickers that it thinks will go perfectly with your conversation. It works in any messaging app, including Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

DL It: Free on Android.


5. Bumpers: If you’ve always secretly thought that you could have a really good podcast but didn’t know where to start, download Bumpers immediately. The app records any audio and allows for super easy editing and sharing. It’s kind of like podcasting for total beginners — but way more fun and with great design and a burgeoning community.

DL It: Free on iOS.

What was your favorite app this week? Let us know @BritandCo!