We lead busy, busy lives. And we definitely don’t always have time to catch up on all of our favorite beauty blogs and watch countless hours of how-to tutorials. Since we’re all about upgrading our lives with our favorite calendar apps and downloadable personal assistants, we’ve found some new ways to stay on top of our beauty regimen too. These eight apps are all about simplifying your makeup collection and bathroom shelf, from making sure you found your perfect moisturizer to finding that shade of pink that matches your new floral arrangement.

1. Sephora to Go: Need a little help choosing your next must-have product? Scan products to pull up reviews, track and redeem beauty points and get inspired with the how-to videos from Sephora TV. It’s like your own 24-hour Sephora.

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Beauty Good Guide App

2. GoodGuide: Need to clean up the products on your bathroom shelf? Simply search or scan a UPC code to pull up the app’s 0-10 scale of health, environment and social impact. Your makeup bag has never been cleaner.

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Beauty Shade Scout App

3. ShadeScout: When you’re as color-obsessed as we are, finding our favorite inspirational colors 24/7 can seem almost impossible. Enter ShadeScout. With this app, you just snap a photo and your shade match appears in the form of lip colors, eyeshadows and everything else.

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Beauty App Birchbox

4. Birchbox: We are no strangers to Birchbox; receiving that pink box every month has lead us to discovering some of our favorite products out there! And the app is just as brilliant. Get ready to receive personalized recommendations, review your box history and shop for your next favorites. Pro Tip: You can also review your box samples to earn points and redeem discounts on future orders.

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5. Beautylish: This app can help you find inspiration for your next new look and provide pointers with step-by-step tutorial videos. And if you need help, feel free to post a question to a community of beauty experts.

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Beauty Stash App

6. Stash Beauty: This app manages your beauty bag, nudges you when products are on sale and even lets you shop via your favorite Instagram posts. It’s basically our beauty BFF.

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Beauty Think Dirty App

7. Think Dirty: Can’t pronounce half of the ingredients on that cleanser you’ve wishlisted? This unbiased app educates users on questionable ingredients and has even partnered with SF-based non-profit Breast Cancer Fund in order to fight for ingredient transparency.

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8. Makeup Genius: Remember that CD-ROM from your past that let you try on makeup and hair looks that you could play with for, well, hours? This is the grown-up version of that (and even better).

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Did we miss your favorite beauty app? Let us know in the comments!