When it comes to taking care of skin, it’s critical to invest in a regime that works for you and can be done on the daily. Problem is, eye creams, scrubs, masks + more really do a doozy on your bank account. We’ve shown you ways to use your kitchen to take care of skin, but did you know it’s also possible to use flowers to keep skin silky smooth? Check out these sweet-smelling DIY options below, and get ready to repurpose any bouquets you’ve got hanging around.

RH Body Butter

1. Rose Hibiscus Body Butter: This delightfully scented body butter is what dry summer skin craves. Whip some up to use after days spent in the sun. (via Poppytalk)

foaming cleanser

2. Lavender Foaming Cleanser: Freaked out by the contents of your face wash? Make your own! This soothing lavender cleanser is sure to relax you, and will fit in perfectly with your nightly routine. (via Blah Blah Magazine)


3. Almond + Floral Body Scrub: Get those feet sandal-ready with this exfoliating scrub. After just a few uses, walks on the beach will be no match for your feet. (via Lia Griffith)

rose water

4. Rose Water: Rose water is so easy to make, and is also a fantastic natural toner. Follow the lead of this blog and store it in a pretty bottle. (via Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily)


5. Dandelion Lotion Bars: Who knew weeds had skin benefits? Pick those dandelions growing rampant in your yard and make lotion bars that are sunny yellow and sure to give you super smooth skin. (via The Nerdy Farm Wife)

Body Spray

6. Beauty Sleep Body Spray: Sometimes getting enough shut-eye to look good can be tough. Ease your way to sleep with this spray featuring lavender, a scent that’s known to promote relaxation. (via Hello Natural)

Bath Melts

7. Homemade Bath Melts: Make these bath melts to moisturize your skin before stepping out of the shower. The lovely scent of these bars is a welcome added bonus. (via Snapguide)

orange hibiscus lip balm

8. Tropical Orange Hibiscus Lip Balm: Liven up lips with a bit of citrus and hibiscus. This balm will definitely keep your pout kissably soft. (via Woods of Bell Trees)

bentonite mask

9. Bentonite Clay Beauty Mask: Bentonite clay is truly awesome for your face and works with the flowers in this mask to provide smooth, clean skin. (via Gardenista)


10. Geranium Hair Serum: Tame split ends and dry hair with this serum containing essential oils that we didn’t even know were essential. Swapping out your product of choice for this spray will do your hair some serious favors. (via Sarah DiGrazia)

chamomile face mist

11. Orange Chamomile Face Mist: Calm skin with chamomile, which is known to combat redness and inflammation. This DIY only requires four ingredients, officially making it a no-fuss project. (via The Chic Site)

Dry shampoo

12. Lavender Dry Shampoo: Sporting second-day hair? Don’t let those roots give you away. This homemade dry shampoo with lavender will help hair look and smell fresh. (via Sarah Titus)

Steam Facial

13. Homemade Herbal and Floral Steam Facials: Open up pores and keep skin clear with this luxurious facial you can DIY at home. Free People’s got a blend for each skin type, so head on over and pick the combo best suited for you. (via Free People Blog)


14. DIY Lavender Lip Balm: This sweet-smelling lip balm is a great homemade gift for friends. Top with the adorable accompanying printable and you’re good to go. (via Sugar & Charm)

Shower Tabs

15. Aromatherapy Shower Tablets: Drop one of these babies in the shower and steam your entire body. The combination of scents is ah-maz-ing. (via Hello Natural)


16. Rose Petal and Mint Lip Scrub: Know that tingly feeling Burt’s Bees gives you? It’s plumping your lips! Plump and exfoliate in one fell swoop with this lip scrub. (via Simply Designing)

oatmeal mask

17. Lavender and Lemon Oatmeal Mask: Oatmeal is more than just a yummy breakfast. Along with lavender, it packs a serious skin care punch. Use weekly for crystal clear skin. (via Essentially Eclectic)

DLF Sprays

18. Refreshing Face Mists: Trying to take a more holistic approach to dealing with freaked-out skin? Make these face mists to deal with any facial curveballs that get thrown your way. (via DesignLoveFest)

What have you repurposed for the sake of your skin? Tell us about it in the comments!