Whether you’re a brand new graduate looking for your first job or an established career woman looking for a change, the job hunt can be brutal. Between drafting a resume and making a good impression at the interview, you’ve got enough to worry about. These incredible apps can make it all a little easier. You’ve already got the skills, so let these apps dress up your credentials and put your talents front and center. Of course, if you really want to stand out, skip all this and go straight to the LEGO resume.

1. Levo Resume: Before you even start looking for your next gig, you’ll need a killer resume. This app is a favorite. It shows off your skills in a beautiful template that’s easy to share and edit. Plus, they provide tons of tips and advice to make your job hunt a success. (Free on iOS)

2. What Color Is Your Parachute: Before you get too deep in developing your resume, you probably want to assess your skills and think about your goals. This app, based on one of the most popular job-hunting books, helps you discover transferrable skills, true passions and what you really want in a work environment. ($3.99 on iOS)

3. Resume Star: This app uses your information to populate an eye-catching resume for you to instantly upload to third parties like Dropbox. Plus, they have lots of tips to make your resume stand out and make a great first impression. (Free on iOS)

4. Job Search: Next, you’ll need to start looking for that dream job. This app houses a massive, searchable index of jobs from thousands of company websites and job boards. It’s hosted by Indeed, one of the most reputable job search engines on the web. So start hunting! (Free on iOS and Android)

5. Shoeboxed: Once you start networking, you’ll likely be receiving an endless stream of business cards. Instead of letting them get lost in the bottom of your bag, snap a pic with this app to store the info instantly. Bonus: Once you snag that job, it’ll keep track of your business expenses and mileage! (Free on iOS)

6. LinkedIn Job Search: You’re probably familiar with LinkedIn, but this app has major power in getting you closer to that dream job. Find future positions and apply to them in just a few taps from your phone. You’ll even get pinged when recommended jobs get posted. (Free on iOS)

7. TheLadders: If you get tired of searching for the jobs, let them come to you with this app. Relevant jobs will be delivered right to your phone, where you’ll be able to indicate interest, see which recruiters view your resume and even keep an eye on competition. Their awesomeRecruiter counterpart makes it easy for the people seeking talent to find you. (Free on iOS and Android)

8. Job Interview Questions: Now that you’re in the game, you better get ready for your interview. This app houses everything you need to prepare, from sample questions to in-depth advice on how each answer should be delivered. Even simulate the conversation with three full-length video interviews! ($.99 on iOS)

9. SimplyHired: Another terrific job search tool, this app lets you manage your job search history over all your devices, and even shows you job matches based on your stored resume. (Free on iOS and Android)

Are you in the market for a new job? Would you use one of these tools to get a great job?