What’s App-ening is back and here to help you figure out what to download on that all-important little device you call “phone.” This week, we’re looking at apps that will help you shop smart, find a parking spot and even get a head start on homemade gift-giving. On your marks, get set, DOWNLOAD!

1. PoachIt: This app is our new favorite window shopping wingman, the only bargain hunter you’ll need on your next shopping safari. It works like this: While you’re online shopping, add things you want to the app’s My Products list or snap a pic of the barcode while out browsing.

Now PoachIt will track it, (and an Internet’s worth of online coupons) until the price is right enough to turn that wannabe splurge into a savvy, cash-saving reality. PoachIt, you could be dangerous. In a good way.

Cost: Free (But really it’s like they’re paying you to shop, right?! Okay, no, but you get what we’re saying.) for iOS

2. SpotHero Parking: If you took a quick glance at this app, you might think it’s Priceline, Expedia or another digital way to dib your next hotel room, but look closer. Yup, that’s a parking spot you’re shopping for. SpotHero lets you find, compare and reserve the most affordable spots in garages and lots in your city.

Cost: Free for iOS and Android

3. Spayce: The “in-person social network” shows you who is around you and what they’re up to. Hey, maybe you’ll want to join. Are they potential friends or possible employers? You have two different profiles on the app, a personal and a professional version, so you can control which image you’re representing. Spayce also uses facial recognition to verify who you see on the app is who you see in real life… catfish-proofing at its finest.

Create “memories” with friends that can expire in 100 minutes or live on so that when you’re back in the locale where you made them, they’ll pop up again. Use the Look Back feature at the end of the day to see who you crossed paths with over the last 24 hours. There is a romantic drama in the making here and we volunteer Channing Tatum and Jennifer Lawrence to star in it.

Cost: Free for iOS

4. Adjust Video Speed: Make your videos fit into 15-second bites for maximum Instagram-ing with this super simple app that lets you adjust their speed faster or slower. Cue the old timey silent film music — we’re seeing hilarity ensuing in our Instagram Video future…

Cost: $.99 for iOS

5. GoodFor: Just in time for Mother’s Day (May 11!) you can make mama some super cute homemade coupons with this fun app and send them like an e-card. Use the app to give IOUs and “Good For…” coupons to friends and family, even use it to schedule them so they don’t expire!

Cost: Free for iOS

Bonus!Ladder Recruiter: Okay, this one isn’t necessarily for you to download, but we want you to know that it exists, especially if you’re on the hunt for a job right now. TheLadder’s new app is like Tinder for job recruiters who can swipe left or right through a stack of resume bites and potential candidates. Cool and a little scary, right? If you’re not a recruiter but are looking for a job, check out TheLadders site, which offers help for your search.

What was your favorite app of the week? Share recs below!