10 Adorable Mountain Towns to Explore

Traveling to remote, off-the-beaten path destinations is exciting, but sometimes the mood calls for a good old-fashioned vacation. The kind of places you visited with your parents as a kid have the potential to give you all the feels as a grown up. Go back with your S.O. to recreate the magic of simpler days when you didn’t have to worry about hitting up all the trendiest neighborhoods and Instagrammable bars. These nostalgic locales are packed with activities, gorgeous views, unassuming restaurants, and a fine roster of hotels that give you the option to stumble onto something fun (minimal planning required) or do nothing at all.

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Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada: The second ski resort built in North America is equally enchanting in winter — when the snow bunnies take advantage of the ski-in cafés — as in fall and summer — when adventure abounds in the form of ziplining, biking, and hiking.
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